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Xmoneta ICO just started

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ICO or initial coin offering is one of the best currently available crowdfunding method. This allows to raise the project funding for the start-up and allows easily to connect for the investors and community. Our ICO smart contract is based on the Ethereum Solidity, that allows making the ICO secure and transparent. Every transaction can be viewed and the invested ETH can be refunded. Even though at the time of cryptocurrency market crash, there is skepticism in the media, while for the investors it is a great opportunity to invest, while the ETH prices are low.
Xmoneta pre-ICO has shown that it is a great opportunity to connect with the next users from all around the world. In total from all our channels, we acquired ~30 000 supporters and next investors. Now we are entering the ICO phase. Our token price without bonus on the exchanges will be 1 ETH = 20 000 XMN. During the ICO with more ETH you will get higher bonuses: 
•    Token price with 50 % Bonus: 1 ETH = 30 000 XMN
•    Token price with 40 % Bonus: 1 ETH = 28 000 XMN
•    Token price with 30 % Bonus: 1 ETH = 26 000 XMN
•    Token price with 20 % Bonus: 1 ETH = 24 000 XMN
•    Token price with 10 % Bonus: 1 ETH = 22 000 XMN
The total amount of the tokens offered during the ICO 200 000 000 XMN. What do we want to achieve? 
• ICO Soft cap: 500 ETH
• ICO Hard cap: 8000 ETH
The legal qualification of our XMN token is utility token, therefore it doesn’t undergo the strict regulation that is attacking now the security tokens. Accepted currencies: FIAT, ETH, BTC, LTC and other. You can even start with minimum Investment, that is unlimited but recommended: 0.1 ETH. With more ETH you will get more + % Bonus. For more information please visit: https://xmoneta.com



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