GoldBars - Virtual Gold Bars - They Exist!

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GoldBars - Virtual Gold Bars - They Exist!


The very first gold bar has been lovingly brought to life as a virtual commodity and exists in cold storage vault.  vGold features the following properties;


- a virtual weight of 400 ounces

- a virtual color of gold

- virtual dimensions of gold bars

- virtual properties for being used to create other virtual products

- a virtual value in relation to gold (v$520,000)




Thank you for the support so far and I am pleased to provide the visual render of the 3d object Virtual Gold. Hope you like and approve!


Please note: the render is without curvature for the purposes of a draught display.


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Thanks BitsbyBits! :) 


Surprise surprise Asicdog, there you are again, popping up from under your bridge to have another quick troll around lol


AsicDog we tend to stick to our branding, so im smoking Amber Gold, wearing Yardley Gold (im sure that's a womans perfume though) and I am drinking a nice cup of Gold Blend tea... we have some nice music on too here, wait hang on its.... Spandau Ballet - Gold.


Obviously none of the above, but to quote Tony Hadley, "Always believe in your soul, you've got the power to know you're indistructable, always believe in... Gold!"


(Note to younger audience; Spandau Ballet are a chart topping band that existed before the internet, which may account for the missing word "virtual" before Gold)

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