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GRC lost after Rebuild Blockchain; wallet out of sync

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I'm new to Gridcoin. I set up my system according to instructions (very thoroughly followed each link and details.) I successfully purchased GRC and sent them to my Gridcoin desktop wallet. I sent out the beacon, verified my cpid, left my wallet unlocked for a good 24 hours,  seemed to be functioning correctly..

Then, today, 2 days into staking/mining I saw that my wallet was OUT OF SYNC. i also noticed I had a 0.00 in my Staking field. (So I went through as much info as i could to determine if I had done something incorrectly, followed through with the Debug console commands, per Gridcoin site to make sure I had everything setup right. My coins were visible in my wallet, but I really wanted to be a part of the minting and staking operations.


That's when I got "smart".. and clicked on Rebuild Blockchain.. the wallet closed itself and opened with no GRC! ( obviously, I failed). Now, even my Recent Transactions doesn't show my initial transfer into the wallet, nor my beacon expense.

I found a command "checkwallet" and also "reapairwallet", which were reported to help sometimes. Rebooted, in hopes it was a database detachment issue. Restarted my system and Gridcoin wallet client...yet, no coins. I've waited 3 hours to see a change, but thought you guys here might help.




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