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Jetcoin Institute Becomes a Member of the Prestigious Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

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January 2018, Singapore
The blockchain-powered sports and entertainment platform, Jetcoin Institute, became a member of the prestigious Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, a non-profit alliance of some of the biggest global businesses that aim to use the Ethereum technology to run smart contracts at Fortune 500 companies.

Jetcoin Institute has now joined the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, an organisation that incorporates the revolutionary blockchain technology into the everyday workings of some of the biggest businesses in the world today. Among the current 216 members of the alliance are big names like Accenture, Cisco, Credit Suisse, Deloitte, Infosys, Intel, ING, JP Morgan, Microsoft and UBS. All these companies have pledged to use Ethereum blockchain technology to automate complex physical and financial supply procedures that involve multiple parties.

Eric Alexandre, Founder and CEO of Jetcoin Institute was understandably excited at this new development and states that this alliance “is a great endorsement for the Jetcoin Institute that has undertaken the quiet revolution to revamp the traditional workings of the sports and entertainment industry by giving the power back into the hands of the biggest stakeholders – the fans.” He further said that with Jetcoin Institute being a member of such an elite alliance will greatly help it to learn from the best in global business and gain insights into how Jetcoin Institute, with its unique philosophy, can progress to greater heights.      

About Jetcoin
Jetcoin Institute is a unique platform that aims to revolutionize the sports and entertainment industry by bringing celebrities and fans closer like never before. Fans can become active participants in their chosen talent’s meteoric rise to the top and stand to gain from the windfall in the process. Through the use of its own crypto token – JET – individuals can participate in a historic occasion where they can choose a promising talent from the pool of “Jetcoin Champions” and “invest” in him or her by buying a portion of their image rights. As the talent matures in his or her career, the value of their image rights increases thereby adding value to the investments of people who backed the talent in the first place. Visit www.jetcoininstitute.com.

About Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance aims to address enterprise deployment requirements and looks to evolve in tandem with advances in public Ethereum. Various working groups within the alliance explore ways to leverage this path breaking technology to address specific industry use cases. Visit


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