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[ANN][POOL] GigaRho Profit-Switching Multipool (Scrypt, x11, sha256, neoscrypt, blake2s)

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GigaRho.com Crypto Mining Profit-Switching Multipool

After being a privately used pool for a while, we want to bring our services live to other miners. The experience behind personally mining for many years has lead to a strong desire to create something with the miner at its core. Our goal will always be to improve and maximize earnings for time spent.

GigaRho offers multiple algorithms that each contain some of the highest profitability coins. More algos and coins are under constant evaluation and will be added at benefit for profitability. The pool's collective hashrate is taken into account for difficulty calculation on the coin switch.


Our system is built to enable a proportional share earning based on the blocks which the pool finds. Your connection details (payout coin preference) enable the system's autoconversion option where any coin that is found will be exchanged into Bitcoin, Litecoin or others that have available supplies. We have a decent amount of documentation on our site to detail connection examples. The pool supports ASIC equipment (such as  Antminer L3+ or D3) and GPU/CPU mining on their respective algorithms. As more hardware and coins become available we will attempt to support as much as possible to benefit our community. Beyond what is on our pool, we offer a few other services such as support ticketing system and forums. Our main focus is on the pool, but in downtime the main site will be expanded to offer more services when appropriate. 

Connection examples are provided at https://pool.gigarho.com. Every different algorithm connects to our pool on a specific port number. Each port number can be found on the site.

We try to stay connected as best we can with our community, please post on our forums or follow twitter for updates.

Profit-Switching Multi-algo Multipool
PROP reward system
Current Algos: Scrypt, x11, sha256, NeoScrypt, Blake2s
Autoconversion to Bitcoin or Litecoin
Server protection and encryption
Optimizations for uptime and speed
2% Fee
Specific connection ports for each algo
Username is the payout address (such as your BTC address)
Payout coin chosen with c=BTC or c=LTC in password field
Custom difficulty can be set in password connection field if desired
Extranonce subscribe

Anonymous to use the pool, registration required for support ticket system/forums
Payouts are once every 24 hrs for balances above 0.01 BTC and 0.001 BTC on Sunday
Payout amount and timing may be changed to benefit our users based on earnings
Support Ticket System
Community Forums

More features and improvements always coming.

Edited by GigaRho

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