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[4-19] [ANN]419coin - The Prince of Crypto - We scam you with style! LAUNCHES 04/19/2014!!!

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419coin (SCAM)

The Prince of Crypto. Crooked and fraudulent like many altcoins, but not pathetically pretending to be legit


WALLET PASSWORD: th1s1sthebestopportun1tytogetscammedmyfr1end
Wallet (Windows | Linux)

Many will list us! Go and vote. Big payback promised, my friend.

Many to be added. Bounties:
1st 1000x419coin
2nd 500x419coin
3rd 419x419coin
+ promotion and viral advertisement for every pool on our webpage

Block Explorers
Will come soon, my friend. 1000x419coin as beautiful bounty.

No services lately, diy man.


Scrypt or SHA-256? Scrypt
How many coins? 419,000,000
Block reward? 419, halving every 500,000 blocks (loooong time)
Difficulty? Retargeting every 419 minutes
Block time? 419 seonds
Coinbase maturity? 4 blocks
Ports? 11031 for P2P, 21031 for RPC
Launch: 4/19/2014 - 04:19 UCT
Coins total: 419,000,000 (0,419% premined)
Blockrate: 419sec (~7min)
Initial Blocksize: 419
Half-life: every 500,000 blocks


Most important to us is the satisfaction of all participating mugus. We are not making a secret of my dubious and shady intentions, but we promise this to be the funniest launch in the era of cryptocurrency. Together with you, my friend, we will create a currency that is both, better and more valuable than the current national currency of Nigeria! But for now we will stay silent and mysterious about the fun yet to come and wait for you to jump on board of the boat that is soon to leave.

The coin will be premined at a rate of 0,419%. You heard right: 0,419%! Does that sound fishy to you, my friend? It isn´t! Our intention is to take the money and give it to the people of Nigeria as a christmas present on the 12/24/2014. Until then, we the Prince, will administer the money with full responsibility. Besides that, a share of the christmas present will be used arbitrarily for magnificent community events (see Scamarang!) I bet that sounds good to you, so don´t hesitate and get your share of the Prince of Crypto!

We hope to get a lot of people involved in this great opportunity because otherwise the scam doesn´t really make a lot of sense. If you find other ways to mine we don´t care, as long as you give us a considerable amount of hashrate.


For the amusement of the royal family, there are recurring events in which every Mugu can participate. They are called Scamarang! Some are free some with fee.
An introduction to the first Scamarang will be included in the Wallet package and disclosed on launch.


Q: Is this real?
A: Every word of it, my friend.

Q: You said this would be fun. I am not laughing, so what´s the deal?
A: We are soon to make real fun out of you.

Q: So you are basically saying you want to scam all of us and we should give you our hash-rate?
A: Yes, scamming is our business, but - unlike many other coins - we scam you with style. Most of the altcoins out there are a joke - but unlike 419coin, they are not funny. Look how many copycoins are there that pretend they will become the next bitcoin but actually don´t bring any innovation and still people seem to jump on every train that comes. So let me with a counterquestion: why would you not mine 419coin?

Q: I am on Windows... can I mine?
A: Of course, we love Windows.

Q: What about Mac though?
A: Mac users are too intelligent to get scammed, so we didn´t bother to create a Mac-Wallet.

Q: Linux?
A: Compile it on your own, nerd.

Q: Can I buy 419coin?
A: Of course, you can. Soon there will be on all major exchanges so you can waste your money for good.

Q: Can I get 419coin for free?
A: Ha, we knew you would ask that. Love your enthusiasm. There is, of course, a way to get 419coins for free! Take part in a Scamarang (see below) to get an insane number of 419coins that you can dump immediately to get richy rich.

Q: If you want to scam people, why don't you make an IPO and disappear with the money like everyone else?
A: We could do that, but that wouldn't that be boring and all-too-fleeting? We are partyanimals and don't want this scam to end that soon.

Q: Can I help with 419coin?
A: Of course. Like most scammers, we don´t really have a lot of ressources and are only waiting for yours to pour into our accounts. So if you want to support us, please scam along, spread the word, create promotional material or fan-stuff. There are bounties you can sign up for and there are more to come. From time to time we will randomly select materials and send 419coins to our friendly helping hands.

Q: I still don´t find this very funny, I actually believe you are never going to launch a coin because it is April 1st.
A: Ah well, and what if this is an around-the-corner-joke and there will actually be a coin? How stupid will you look then when the boat has already left?

Q: You look like a businessman. Certainly you thought about merchandise.
A: Of course, we will shamelessly earn money with high quality souvenirs we will provide on zazzle.com for everyone.

Q: Are there other ways to get scammed by you.
A: There will be plenty of ways to get scammed. You can also develop your own scams on the top of 419coin. This is serious business and will make you a lot of money.

Q: Will there be a AMA on more details of this coin?
A: Of course, just ask for an audience and organize it for us. Interesting and uncritical questions will be answered with pleasure.

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