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Dear CryptocurrencyTalk community, Fire Lotto team glad to announce international blockchain LOTTERY.

Please feel free for any further questions.





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Good afternoon dear friends!



Few days ago was Crypto Shark Party host - our crypto-goddess Olga Dvoretskaya. The main partner of the Crypto Shark Party was Fire Lotto. Photos from the place of the event.
Very amazing picture Crypto Shark No.8 was sold for 1.31 BTC




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Hell everybody, I want to introduse you Fire Lotto team


Ronnee Ades https://www.linkedin.com/in/ronneeades

Director of Career Management and Adjunct Professor Master of Quantitative Finance at Rutgers Business School.

Finance Industry veteran with a 30 years of expertise focusing on Indexing and ETFs.

Ronnee worked at such companies as Dow Jones, Bloomberg, Markit, FTSE Russell.

Owner of RAA Consulting Services.


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Andrew Duplessie https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrew-duplessie-2682975b/

Andrew is a growth hacker/influencer with two equity exits.

He is a Stanford University Startx Alumni.

He has over 250 million followers across Instagram and Facebook.

He is an Advisor to Science-Inc Blockchain (Dollar Shave Club) and DNA Fund.

He has worked with over 15 ICO’s, that collectively have raised over 1 billion dollars.

Over the past year alone, Andrew has generated 1B+ impressions, 18M communities, and 3M app downloads.


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Olga Dvoretskaya https://www.facebook.com/olga.dvoretskaya

Produced such projects as CryptoSharkClub, CryptoSharkParty, Hakathon FutureTech and Blockchain award "Results of the Year ".

PR and marketing communications specialist, producer.

Graduated from Saint-Petersburg state university (faculty of sociology) and National Research University «The Higher School of Economics» (faculty of marketing).

Worked in external communications departments of the biggest Russian companies: Rosneft and MMK.


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Fire Lotto placed for BOUNTY pool 1% of token sale! Join Fire Lotto BOUNTY https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2654429.msg27048535#msg27048535


#crypto #cryptolottery #cryptocurrency #cryptoshark #cryptosharkclub #investment #investor #investors #bestico #FireLotto #blockchain #lotto

#bitcoin #ico #ethereum #investing #cryptoinvestment #flot


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How will the project be launched?


Unlike other ICOs, our ICO will follow the launch of the lottery rather than precede it.
The product will be launched on January 01, 2018. The beta version is available for
testing today!

The lottery will be launched with a minimum prize pool of USD 1 million.

On the day when the lottery is launched, we will publish its source code on Github for
inspection. The lottery will be launched in the operating mode, which means that users
will be able to enjoy all its features, play, and win. The moment the lottery is launched,
transfers will be automatically made within the smart contract to the wallet responsible
for collecting sales commission and paying them to token holders.


- The pre-ICO will open on January 15, 2018 and close on Februaru 15, 2018.

- The ICO will open on March 15, 2018 and close on April 15, 2018.


This means that when the ICO opens, investors will be surprised to see not only a
finished product, but also a huge prize pool available to be won and sales commission
distribution among token holders in real-time mode.

This ICO roadmap is going to be implemented for the first time ever, and it will become a distinctive feature of this


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Posted (edited)

Dear friends!


We are pleased to announce that the first fully decentralized lottery platform Fire Lotto is being launched with the authentic Ethereum prize pool.

From now on the lottery will accumulate proceeds from current sales to fund distribution of commission to holders of FLOT tokens after ICO completion.
The starting bidding price is 2 US dollars.


The ticket price may vary depending on the exchange rate (ETH to the U.S. dollar).
The lottery will be monitored closely to immediately correct any arising issues.


It is our mission to perfect the Fire Lotto. We value your feedback and comments regarding the Fire Lotto.
The prize fund will be replenished to the amount specified in the White Paper once all the appropriate testing have been conducted.


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Just now, leo8989 said:

Привет, ребята, я здесь, чтобы представить вас в торговле биткойн и бинарный вариант и получать прибыль в течение трех недель. я начал с минимальной $ 1000 и зарабатывал до $ 8300 с разумом. ЕСЛИ ВЫ ТАКЖЕ СОБИРАЛИСЬ, ПОТЕРЯТЬ В ТОРГОВЛЕ И ХОТИТЕ, ЧТО ВАШИ ДЕНЬГИ ВОССТАНОВЛЕННО ВООБРАЖАЕТЕСЬ К МЕНЯМ НА МОЙ ЭЛЕКТРОННОЙ ПОЧТЕ .leogudman042 @ gmail.com ......... И Я ПРИЗЫВАЮ ВАС К МОЕЙ ХЕЛПЕ СЛИШКОМ

Good offer, but you can get more money with Fire Lotto - the best blockchain lottery! This topic was created for questions about the lottery, if you have questions, you can ask them here.

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Good day, friends! Meet our new crypto-genius and advisor - David Drake!

With over 25 years of experience in finance and asset management, LDJ Capital’s extended network of funds of funds and hedge funds manages 1.5 trillion USD in assets. David’s vast knowledge of the digital asset class, broad network, and sterling reputation make him a perfect fit to lead Fire Lotto’s top-tier advisory board.

David has spent years serving as a bridge between capital and premiere brands, leading LDJ Capital Special Situation’s investments in Alibaba and Palantir, and organizing over 1100 industry-leading events sponsored by NYSE, KKR, and the Carlyle Group, to name a few.


And he had raised over 500 million usd for the last 6 month in different ICO projects.... you can find more info about him on Firelotto.io


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Posted (edited)

Good day,dear friends!


The problem with the delay of purchase of tickets solved.

Now, the gas is automatically calculated to complete the transaction within 5-10 minutes depending on network load.


Let`s play!


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Why Fire Lotto is the most honest lottery?


Winning number are chosen by RNG based on blockchain technology Bitcoin, so they are impossible to fake. 
• All lottery parameters are in open source. They are accessible and fully transparent 24/7. 
• Complete anonymity and safety. No taxes! 
• Decentralized platform provides full autonomy and independence. 
• Record payments to prize pool – 70% from all raised funds.


Try Fire Lotto right now!


• Minimum price of a lottery ticket is about $2 
• Mobile and PC versions 
• User-friendly interface 
• Instant winnings payout 
• You need only crypto wallet and Internet access to play


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