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So I've been using Paxful and Localbitcoins for years now and I've always been searching for a much more efficient way to "cash out" my Bitcoin. Last week, it seems that several of Paxful's top traders have decided to launch a new service together called BitFlur. Since this is a relatively new service, I'd like to help cover the basics here. 

My first day with BitFlur was quick and surprisingly pleasant. I had decided I wanted to trade a little bit of bitcoin for an amazon gift code.

I simply made my deposit, received a confirmation code, received an email and I was done!


Q: Is BitFlur Legit?

A: Yes, BitFlur is a Legitimate service. Paxful's top members have been trading for years and have plenty of experience when it comes to buying and selling BTC. Since Paxful doesn't have a "trade" kiosk yet, they've decided to partner up with Gourl.io for transfers. Also, BitFlur is protected by their SSL certification.


Q: Will I pay more to cash out?

A: No! BitFlur actually offers amazing deals on their options. For example, when I bought my $250 amazon code, I believe I only paid $230 in BTC. This is something that is unique to BitFlur.


Q: How often can I cash out on BitFlur?

A: There aren't any specific details on limits from their website, but I'd imagine since they are Paxful Veterans, they wouldn't have trouble handling multiple transactions per day.


Q: What options do users have to cash out?

A: Bitflur allows users to:
Sell Bitcoin for Bluebird American Express
Sell Bitcoin for PayPal
Sell Bitcoin for Serve American Express
Sell Bitcoin for Amazon Gift Codes
Sell Bitcoin for Google Wallet


Since it's a new service, it's starting to look promising even as of December 2017.

Looking good, BitFlur!


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