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ADAMANT is the most secure and anonymous messenger, encrypted with Blockchain.

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Many users ask quesions about ADAMANT Messenger's fees for sending messages.
Yes, to send a message, you shoud pay a small fee of about 0.005 ADM per 255 characters. That amount goes to support Messenger's nodes and infrastructure.

First, REMEMBER there are no free messengers. No company will pay for servers and team and more for charity. When you use a "free" messenger, you actually don't know how much you pay. Your email, phone number, public connections, location, IP and device info, interests, images and much more are not yours anymore, they belong to industry companies, and they decide how to use it. Moreover, you can't be sure messages are not read by these companies, as application and protocol source codes are closed. Think about it. ADAMANT is clear — you do know how much you pay.

Second, ADAMANT fee is adjustable to ADM token price. Now we gather some feedback from users to decide what is convenient fee. It can be close to zero when the network become stable.

Third, ADAMANT do not target to replace other messengers. Don't need anonymity and security? Use those whatsapps.

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When you use ADAMANT, your device does not store any info. It directly interacts with the Blockchain, where every byte is fully-encrypted. End-to-end encrypted messages can’t be read by third parties (including developers or anyone else).

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ADAMANT is making a good progress on rising investments at pre-ICO stage. And some financial funds showed an interest.
We also received positive feedback from security enthusiasts and acceptance of the idea.
More information will be provided after pre-ICO ends.

Be sure to invest right now. Today’s ADM price is 1 ADM = 0.001 ETH (1 000 ADM = 1 ETH). It will rise up to 0.005 ETH at the end of Pre-ICO campaign. https://adamant.im/ico/ 

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Have you already tried the most anonymous and secure messenger? If not, follow https://msg.adamant.im/ , create an account, and receive 0.49 ADM to try decentralized chats for free!

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