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Passive Coin is a small crypto-currency born in September, 2017.
We issued limited quantity of 500,000 coins based on Ethereum network.
In order to boost the long-term value of Passive Coin, we will passively maintain growing Backing Fund,

composed of some top crypto-currencies and promising coins, tokens and digital assets.




Main Links:

Website:  http://www.passivecoin.org
Backing Fund Details:  http://www.passivecoin.org/passive-coin-backing-fund.html

Circulation Details:    http://www.passivecoin.org/passive-coin-circulation.html
Initial Sale Rounds:  http://www.passivecoin.org/passive-coin-sale-rounds.html   Archive Page!
Whitepaper:  http://www.passivecoin.org/passive-coin-whitepaper.html


Main Communication Channels:
Facebook Group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/passivecoin/
Twitter Page:  https://twitter.com/PassiveCoin

Telegram Chat:   https://t.me/joinchat/G63c6w-fPrWdsPt02188Mg

Bitcoin Forum Topic:   https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2408850


Passive Coin Initial Sale Rounds and Buyer's Bounty Program Are Closed!


Passive Coin is Listed on Stocks.exchange

Please trade PAS-BTC pair

Buy & Sell Passive Coin

Stocks Exchange Logo



Technical Data:
Type: Ethereum Token ERC20
Fixed Supply: 500,000 coins
Symbol: PAS
Decimals: 18
Smart Contract Address: 0x34453c84b6d18bc285a80e31f6c6395934434e92

Blockexplorer:   https://ethplorer.io/address/0x34453c84b6d18bc285a80e31f6c6395934434e92
Blockexplorer:   Etherscan.io

Edited by Passive Coin
Progress in Passive Coin project

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Passive Coin Backing Fund Updated and Nicely Up!
We welcome $EOS and Diversity Fund in $PAS reserves.

Diversity Fund's profits will help us do $PAS Buy-Backs long-term.


Passive Coin backing Fund is updated every week on Mondays.
Please check updated Backing Fund:



Passive Coin Backing Fund Result.png

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I also found interesting Crypto Mark project with own forum and airdrop running actually.

They do not sell their crypto-currency called Crypto Mark, just distribute for free, in exchange for spreading word and some social tasks.

Please feel free to visit project's website and join their community forum.




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Passive Coin Backing Fund Updated and Up!
We welcome NEO-based great project TrinityProtocol Trinity $TNC in our project's backing reserves.
I added special NEO-based coins section to our Backing Fund. NEO platform offers a lot of good projects. :)


Please check updated $PAS Backing Fund:



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On our website, you will find links to Telegram chat, Bitcointalk, Twitter group and FB group.

You do not need to join or register.

Passive Coin is passive project.

If you like project, simply buy Passive Coin (PAS) on stocks exchange.



If you have doubts, just wait and follow our projects.

Passive is long-term project. No rush with any decisions. :)


Anchorchan, what is your native language?


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I bought $PAS 250 (@ 1960 satoshi each) from fresh sell order of PAS 340 live from the market.
We take 250 Passive Coins out of circulation.

PAS market:

Check Passive Coin Buy-Backs page:




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