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Passive Coin is a small crypto-currency born in September, 2017.
We issued limited quantity of 500,000 coins based on Ethereum network.
In order to boost the long-term value of Passive Coin, we will passively maintain growing Backing Fund,

composed of some top crypto-currencies and promising coins, tokens and digital assets.




Website:  http://www.passivecoin.org
Backing Fund Details:  http://www.passivecoin.org/passive-coin-backing-fund.html
Initial Sale Rounds:  http://www.passivecoin.org/passive-coin-sale-rounds.html
Whitepaper:  http://www.passivecoin.org/passive-coin-whitepaper.html


Main Communication Channels:
Facebook Group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/passivecoin/
Twitter Page:  https://twitter.com/PassiveCoin


Passive Coin Initial Sale Rounds
We plan to list our Passive Coin on exchange in December.
Do not miss the opportunity to buy some cheap coins in early-sale.




Initial Sale Rounds Buyer's Bounty Program




Technical Data:
Type: Ethereum Token ERC20
Fixed Supply: 500,000 coins
Symbol: PAS
Decimals: 18
Smart Contract Address: 0x34453c84b6d18bc285a80e31f6c6395934434e92
Blockexplorer: Etherscan.io

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