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UNO Hardfork Block 1,040,000. Update Your Wallet!

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Hello, Unoverse!

An update is now available from developer Bryce Weiner.  This update improves wallet connectivity and will increase mining rewards in an effort to diversify Unobtanium's network.  Please re-compile your wallets before block 1,040,000 which is in about 5,000 blocks.


Thanks to Shinohai for compiling a signed Windows QT wallet, which is available now on Unobtanium.uno, or via this link:



You can compile your own wallet from:



An updated wallet for Electrum is not available at this time.  I would recommend for now that you move your UNO to a QT wallet until that issue is resolved.

Unobtanium - the rare, fair cryptocurrency. Long term hodl. 250k Uno max. Low inflation. In it's 3rd year. This is a coin you want to hold. http://unobtanium.uno
Bitmessage me: BM-NBr8A6WCzJteqKvPH8VU1rc1dBUdmx5L

Reliable Altcoin Node Service offered at cost: Ask me about UNO;s Node Project and how your altcoin can benefit.

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