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[ANN] Buy Gift Cards with cryptocurrency. Introducing GIFT token.

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Gift Token.io introduces a new gift card online shop that will allow purchase with only cryptocurrency. While global cryptocurrency adaptation seems to be years away, this simple solution seeks to grant cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors alike an easier way to spend their hard earned cryptocurrency.


Shoppers on Gifttoken.io will have the ability to pay using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. More coins will be added daily and as requested by the community. All gift cards purchased on Gift Token.io are delivered electronically via email instantly. Shoppers seeking to receive hard copy gift cards can request for free drop shipping and mail delivery.


The Gift Token system grants access to shoppers by using a proof-of-stake system. Holders of a minimum of 10,000 GIFT tokens receive access to the online shop. Holders of more than 10,000 GIFT tokens receive discounts off fees. More details on POS levels can be found on the Gift token website.


Presale of GIFT tokens will begin on November 15th.


Gift Token is simply a gift card marketplace where gift cards can be purchased by cryptocurrency. All major cryptocurrency are accepted, and new ones are added daily. Gift cards can then be used to shop online or in stores, anywhere Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Credit and Debit etc are accepted.

Users can purchase Gift Cards for Instant Delivery via email or 24 hour Free Shipping!


We have developed an online marketplace for gift cards which are only purchasable by cryptocurrency! On Gift Token.io you can find tens of thousands of gift cards for major stores such as Clothing, Airlines, Electronics, Food, Entertainment, and more!

You heard it right. Tens of thousands of gift cards, and we keep adding more daily. All you need is the GIFT token to buy your gift cards. You can buy Gift tokens using any cryptocurrency.

Spend your crypto anonymously. All you need is your wallet address to make purchases.

GIFT tokens will be available on all major exchanges after our ICO.


Welcome to the future! Easily spend your cryptocurrency in the real world. After all it’s your money. It shouldn’t be this hard to spend it.


GIFTToken.io - Easily use your cryptocurrency in the real world.


Learn more about Gift Token.io here: www.gifttoken.io


Contact Email Address: support@gifttoken.io

Supporting Link: www.gifttoken.io



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