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The SteepCoin

  We are happy to represent you our project based on innovative blockchain technology (same as Bitcoin) with hybrid PoW/PoS (Proof-of-Work/Proof-of-Stake) method of work, it keeps your fast transaction safe and anonimous and allows getting profit simply keeps open your STEEP wallets with some coins on your STEEP addresses. Our PoS (Proof-Of-Stake) system has fix amount of reward,which increase from 10 STEEP to 25.000 STEEP per block, during three years in a row. Full time of PoW/PoS mining period for about 11 years.

The SteepCoin WhitePaper 



-Ticker: -STEEP-
-Algo: X11-
-Method of work:  Hybrid PoW/PoS-
-Block Time: 2 minutes-
-Max stake age: 30 days-
-Min stake age: 4 hours-
-Maturity: 12 blocks-
-TX fee: 0.001 STEEP-
-Difficulty Retarget: every block-
-RPC Port: 36468-
-Premine: 500 million STEEP (holding for ICO)-
-Total amount Coins : 1 billion STEEP-

Our main target building a full-fledged platform, providing the most secure and the fastest transactions of any kind of information between our clients, which allows use it as payment method in mobile apps and PC games and getting PoS rewards from mobile devices anywhere you want and allows making profitable deals using smart-contract technology and release your own tokens and projects basing on SteepCoin Blockchain.


The SteepCoin ICO information:

Exchange: https://mercatox.com/coins/ico
Start ICO date: 11 November 2017 , 12:00 GMT
End ICO date: 8 December 2017 , 12:00 GMT
Total ICO period: 28 days (including ICO start day).
Totall suplly ICO coins: 498.000.000 STEEP








0-2000 - 10 STEEP
2001-4000 - 20 STEEP
4001-6000 - 500 STEEP
6001-8000 - 1000 STEEP
8001-10000 - 2500 STEEP
10001-12000 - 5000 STEEP
12001-14000 - 10000 STEEP
14001-15000 - 15000 STEEP
15001-16000 - 20000 STEEP
16001-17000 - 25000 STEEP
17001-18000 - 10000 STEEP
18001-20000 - 5000 STEEP
20001-40000 - 100 STEEP
40001-42000 - 300 STEEP
42001-44000 - 600 STEEP
44001-45000 - 1000 STEEP
45001-47000 - 3000 STEEP
47001-48000 - 6000 STEEP
48001-50000 - 10000 STEEP(Merry Christmas and happy New Year)
50001-55000 - 2000 STEEP
55001-60000 - 1000 STEEP
60001-70000 - 200 STEEP
70001-80000 - 250 STEEP
80001-81000 - 1000 STEEP
81001-83000 - 3000 STEEP
83001-84000 - 5000 STEEP(China New Year)
84001-85000 - 10000 STEEP
85001-90000 - 1000 STEEP
90001-250000 - 100 STEEP
250001-251000 - 1000 STEEP
251001-252000 - 10000 STEEP(One Year Steep Coin)
252001-253000 - 1000 STEEP
253001-300000 - 100 STEEP
300001-310000 - 2500 STEEP(Merry Christmas and happy New Year)
310001-350000 - 100 STEEP
350001-360000 - 2500 STEEP(China New Year)
360001-530000 - 50 STEEP
530001-531000 - 500 STEEP
531001-532000 - 5000 STEEP
532001-533000 - 500 STEEP
533001-580000 - 50 STEEP
580001-590000 - 1500 STEEP
590001-630000 - 50 STEEP
630001-631000 - 1500 STEEP
631001- 10 STEEP






Official Website:
SteepCoin - www.Steepcoin.net

Windows QT Wallet:



Github source:




Installing STEEP Windows-Qt Wallet


1.Download and extract STEEP Windows-Qt Wallet.zip

2.Run SteepCoin-qt.exe

3.Close SteepCoin-qt.exe

4.Download SteepCoin.conf file and copy paste to required place.






The location of SteepCoin.conf depends on your operating system:

Windows XP    C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\SteepCoin\SteepCoin.conf
Windows Vista, 7, 10    C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\SteepCoin\SteepCoin.conf



Mining Pools: 

SteepCoin Mining Pool Up:
( personally thanks Nosekefik)





4jqmok.jpg   qzm9s9.jpg   2w1wi1k.jpg   34p1hle.jpg   2ewhatu.png



2i8ky39.jpg msn2oh.jpg  dnzsj9.jpg






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Thanks for posting.  I've verified your account.

Good luck with your project!


Discussing the world of cryptocoins and cryptocurrencies.


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We get many asks about Airdrop from community. So, if community wants Airdrop, the Steep community will get it. We discussed that question and decided to allocate 2 millions out of 500 millions reserved for ICO to provide The Steep Bounty Airdrop for community. Enjoy :). More info about how to enroll in our official Airdrop ANN thread here:

Sincerely yours,
SteepCoin DevTeam

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Tyvm for your questions that we getting from community in old thread. Here is answer on most popular questions from STEEP community.

So why 500 millions STEEP?

On our point of view its not so much, because we have more than 7 billions ppl living on planet Earth :)), on other hand 
In case of compilation of  POS rewards schedule (The Steep Hills PoS Rewards System) and the general specifications we first of all set the task to consider the interests of our future investors and exchanges, there is not a secret that for  investors it is most important to get profit on their investments and the trading volumes are extremely important for exchanges, 500 million coins for PoS minting not so much in case of rather low start price taking into account favorable conditions for a hold of bulk of coins on purses after start for investors (for the purpose of obtaining the greatest number of the fixed PoS rewards) it shall compensate inflation and are most probable and possible lead to growth of course volatility always the highest at lower level of the price and growth in a percentage ratio in such conditions. According to the diagram of change of PoS rewards within the first three years the total amount of the mining coins will be at most 80% of the total amount possible quantity of coins in 1 billion (that is in first three years of Hybrid mining the inflation will make only 30% , exactly for the first year about 20%, for the second only 7%, and for the third 3% of inflation as 50% will be exposed on pre-sale within ICO), remained 20% about 7,5 years will be mined. Besides the wave system of PoS rewards stimulates the increased and stable trading volume on  STEEP trading pairs as sharp increases in rewards for each member of our STEEP community (which we coordinated for such holidays as Christmas and New Year, the Chinese New Year and the Birthday of the project), making the most probable receiving arrived in case of competent investment during all period of change of PoS rewards. Besides it is necessary to consider also that moment that PoS blocks first of all find those addresses which have the greatest number of coins on balance with coins in stake (minting coins) and besides the oldest coins receive a priority, so its more coins on your open Steep addresses(Steep Wallets) and the longer you hold them in stake the more PoS rewards you receive.
Of course, only one PoS Rewards system of such format not is absolutely enough for any cryptocurrency project. In our opinion, any project of such format should have stable updating from DevTeam side throughout the project timeframe, receive improvings, most demanded and popular features among cryptocommunity and possibilities of use of cryptocurrency, that can be used not only for speculation, but also as payment method in different industries, each member of our STEEP community should have a possibility of use of STEEP clients (cryptocurrency STEEP wallets on the greatest number of devices, mobile devices first of all those what is always with us (such as smartphones, tablet PC, etc.), working on all most popular operating systems (Windows Family OS, Linux, Android, iOS, MacOS) and at the same time their data and transactions shall be most protected and anonymous. Sure, it's our duty to the our STEEP community for the trust put in us and we are ready to fulfill the dept in full. More details of our development plan is specified in Roadmap.

Who is on your team?

Our SteepCoin DevTeam consists of people who belong to cryptocommunity more than five years. We have successful experience in trading, mining (we have own rigs). As for me,  the main developer of the project,  I've been studying programming and cryptography for the last four years. In the white paper of Satoshi Nakomoto were outlined the main principles of cryptocommunity, it were trust and anonimity. According to these principles it is not important what is your name and who you are in real life, it is much more important what you say and what you do for community. How do all of us see these bases allowed to create and to build successfully  the most strong and worldwide (progressive) community on the planet, so why should we break them now?

About Airdrop

The SteepCoin Bounty and Signature Campaigns are already launch. Enjoy :) Join now: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2358898.msg24047880

About mining pools

If community wants to mine it not in solo we are ready to open pools for mining in PoW. Note that our PoW reward is 1 STEEP per block. Steep PoW mining ends on 500.000 block. Mining pools will open after ICO ends.

About actual ICO price

ICO price is 0.00000050 BTC (50 satoshi) for 1 STEEP.

Why ICO, not a free launch?

In our opinion ICO is a most honest for Developers and their future community method of launch, because at first DevTeam release their idea and start to pre-sale their coins, managing cryptocurrency project requires not only programming skills, but also requires a good investments now. By providing ICO Devs of the any cryptocurrency project can clearly understand how popular their idea in community and how ready community to support their project. In my point of view ICO its clear and fair start too. China disclaired ICO trading pairs on Chinese exchanges only because, at the moment we can observe huge amount of tokens, starting via ICO, that on one hand don't need any developer skills and on the other hand produce many scam.

Why 250 bitcoins too much it or not?

In real time it's not to much for manage any cryptocurrency project, if you would have free time you can look how many exchanges asks for adding coin, from 0,1(Yobit lowest price simple adding coin) to 6 BTC (C-Cex), most ecxhanges asks about 4-5 BTC for adding (5 BTC Cryptopia as example), besides, paying for hosting, paying for domains, adding on services, PR actions, etc... And the most important indicator of popularity and demand for all of cryptocurrency project are keep trading volume in top after ICO ends and the preservation of the positive state vector of the price in comparison with the price of ICO (rise of price) this all requires not a small amount of investment. Main part of all cryptocommunity wants to see project in which they invested in the largest number of exchanges and with a constant sufficient volume of daily trades, the price of a wall protected from bitcoins on the buy side. About innovations, on our opinion real Roadmap with real working features better than tonns of empty promises that was given and not realize. We launch project with own Blockchain, so in future we can change anything in our main protocol if its would be asking by our community, but great amount of tokens that starting every hour now can't change anything in their protocols, simply because they are not have their own Blockchain and have not access to sources of their parents project (Etherium Tokens and Etherium Blockchain as example).

Why source link and Windows-Qt link would be open after ICO ends?

Its simply because SteepCoin protect by Hybrid method of work. So, its would be not so good, if anyone can be compile node or start mining in solo for the period of ICO. So after ICO ends all around can start mining and minting under the same conditions. We are also add working Block Explorer service (speciall thanks to animalroam with rich list, so anyone can in every moment see STEEP network status (how many blocks confirmed and how many coins mined). I can also say that for making our Steep Windows-Qt Wallet more comfortable for using we already add in it Block Browser, split block and coin control features. 

Tyvm for your time, inteerst and support our project. Remember you are all AWESOME and STEEP 

Sincerely Yours, 
SteepCoin DevTeam

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We happy to announce you The SteepCoin ICO full information. We prepare for you multistage ICO with special The STEEP ICO SCHEME (guaranty buy walls). The STEEP ICO Premine fund successfully moved today on mercatox.com exchange in full amount.

The SteepCoin ICO information:

Exchange: https://mercatox.com/coins/ico
Start ICO date: 11 November 2017 , 12:00 GMT
End ICO date: 30 November 2017
Total ICO period: 20 days (including ICO start day).
Totall suplly ICO coins: 498.000.000 STEEP

Multistage ICO rules:

Third stage: 270.000.000 STEEP - 0.00000050 BTC price ( 50 satoshi);

Second stage: 150.000.000 STEEP - 0.00000045 BTC price ( 45 satoshi);

First stage: 78.000.000 STEEP - 0.00000040 BTC price ( 40 satoshi);

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(guaranty buy walls)


We offer The SteepCoin guaranty buy walls ICO scheme ( all buy walls will be set the next second after ICO ends):
1.First guaranty buy wall equal 10% of collected via ICO BTC amount set on price 0.00000100 BTC (100 satoshi );

2.Second guaranty buy wall equal 10% of collected via ICO BTC amount set on  price 0.00000075 BTC (75 satoshi);

3.Third guaranty buy wall equal 10% of collected via ICO BTC amount set on price 0.00000060 BTC (60 satoshi);

 4.Fourth guaranty buy wall equal 30% of collected via ICO BTC amount set on price  0.00000050 BTC (50 satoshi);

In that case every investor get guaranty chance to gain profit  up to 150% from start ICO price immediatly after ICO ends.

Why we offer The STEEP ICO SCHEME?
We believe in our project and ready to buy back STEEP coins, also by higher price immediately after ICO ends. We against "SELL&GO ICO SCHEME" and THE STEEP ICO SCHEME is better proof for our community and future investors in our point of view.

Stay tuned, more STEEP news soon!!!

Sincerely yours, 
SteepCoin DevTeam

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14 hours ago, CaseyAnthony said:

I don't get what the point of your project is, or to put it simply: what makes you different from BitCoin, and what makes you better?

The SteepCoin project represents full-fledged cryptocurrency, based on an own blockchain, having the own protocol of operation with by the method of operation (Hybrid) which is the most protected from different attacks. The SteepCoin network allows to carry out the fast protected transactions with the minimum commissions. Own protocol of operation allows to implement in subsequent in SteepCoin Core any innovative technologies in the field of cryptocurrencies, to provide the greatest possible anonymity and security for users of SteepCoin with clients. Creation of mobile clients provides the maximum accessibility and use of the SteepCoin network in an every spot on the globe, practically from any known mobile device working at a basis of OS Android, iOS, Windows, Linux (smartphones, notebooks, pads, netbooks). The system of the fixed PoS of rewards provides the favorable diagram of receipt of dividends, saving interest in the project from traders and maintenance of the big trading volumes in the long term. Adding of the payment protocol and implementation of technology of smart contracts does almost boundless options of use SteepCoin of coins in a practical sense (the subsequent integration into Steam and payment service providers such as MasterCard, Visa as an example), the platform for implementation of your own projects on the basis of SteepCoin Blockchain.The organization of Charity Foundation of the help to children from regions of local wars on the basis of SteepCoin Blockchain, will allow to show to all world practical benefits to the world community, to show, not a word and business that cryptocurrencies can bear good and the benefit to the world community, and not just to be used as speculative investments, support of terrorism, drug traffic and so on. Unfortunately, recently all of us can watch a large number of scam projects in the field of cryptocurrencies (Neogold, Coinfido, BitPetite for example and many others). In this regard we offer to you SteepCoin ICO sheme with guaranty buy back  coins right after the termination ICO for support of bigger protection of our investors against potential fraud not to be unfounded and not to make empty promises we at once were added on the 

mercatox.com exchange, but did not begin sale with the official site. In our case, we believe in our project and are ready to work on it and to develop it in subsequent for this reason we redeem at least 50% of coins back right after the ICO ends at the price up to 2,5 times higher, than the initial cost of STEEP coins. (warrants for purchase are automatically exposed by the exchange right after the termination ICO, the mercatox.com exchange appears in this case as escrow).All coins redeemed by us will be transferred to our STEEP  addresses ( it will be few adresses to keep more deep decentralization of the SteepCoin Blockchain) and published at our forums, these redeemed coins at the same time will reduce quantity of coins in the free turn at the exchanges at least twice and at the same time will become a basis for our Charity Foundation. The status of addresses of fund can be checked by means of the rich-sheet at any moment on our official SteepCoin Block Explorer which already successfully works and it is completely synchronized with our network.

Thus all aforesaid does the SteepCoin project attractive both for long-term, and for short-term investments. Allows to construct on the basis of our network new strong and amicable community which in subsequent will become an integral part of a world cryptocommunity and will take the worthy place in the history of development of cryptocurrencies.


Sincerely yours,
SteepCoin DevTeam

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SteepCoin ICO period on https://mercatox.com/exchange/STEEP/BTC extends until December 8 (12:00 GMT).



The advertising agents of the SteepCoin project as well as the main investors are asking for an extension of the ICO. Also in this regard, we are ready to offer 10% .Bonus to everyone who buys the coins before November 30th. (30/11/17 includes 10% buy bonus)

Sincerely yours,
SteepCoin DevTeam

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1.Download and extract STEEP Windows-Qt Wallet.zip

2.Run SteepCoin-qt.exe

3.Close SteepCoin-qt.exe

4.Download SteepCoin.conf file and copy paste to required place.

The location of SteepCoin.conf depends on your operating system:

Windows XP    C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\SteepCoin\SteepCoin.conf
Windows Vista, 7, 10    C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\SteepCoin\SteepCoin.conf

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