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[MIPS][ANN]MIPS - Online Productions & Ticketing System

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[MIPS White Paper]




1.Brief Overview 
    1-1. Since 2013,  NEXTAGE Co., Ltd. has been offering some online services related to theatre plays in order to let our vision come true, "creating the future for performers." On this occasion, we will introduce brand new token services. We publish token called MIPS by innovating copyright systems and tip systems. MIPS will enable audiences to pay extra money as tip when they buy tickets to support their favorite theatre companies financially. It will help us to reach our vision to support performers as well.
    1-2. The goal of MIPS is the unionization of systems by forming partnerships between us and the other companies that share the same vision to take up artists. Our resources of video streaming technologies and the platforms of ticket sales are going to be offered for the effective collaboration.

2.About Us: NEXTAGE Co., Ltd.
Our mission is “creating the future for performers”. 
In our definition, “PERFORMERS” are everyone who engage in theatre.
We believe in the powerfulness of creations by performers. Theatre performances often encourage audiences to change their lives just like the experiences of Manabu Fukui, the founder of NEXTAGE. However, today, most of the performers struggle in financial hardship. Because of this situations, some of performers have no choice but to give up their creative activities. That is why we focus on theatre artists to solve the issue.

“FUTURE” for performers is the world they are able to concentrate on their productions in substantial financial conditions. In order to make it real, more fulfilling earnings structures are necessary.

So, how will we “CREATE” the future?

Firstly, we must aim to increase the population of people who love to watch theatre plays. We offer opportunities for people to get to know more about theatre performances through online services. Our IT services enabled us to provide the performers to gain the income source other than running shows. We would like to make the entire theatre industry more active, powerful, and successful in the society.

3. About Our Services
    3-1. TheatreLive4u
    This is the streaming services that focus on theatre plays. With, PCs, smartphones, or tablets, customers can watch the video whenever they want. This is so useful for busy people,  those who are living too far from theatres, or people with special needs. The customers' devices can become their own theatre. In addition, this service cost only 980 JPY/month (less than one ticket fee!) This app can be downloaded in each App store.

    3-2.  TheatreLive4u on TV
        3-2a.TheatreLive4u TV
        This is the choice for the customers who prefer to watch our service on wider screen. The step is just to connect their TV and “TheatreLive4u TV” through HDMI cable. 
        For those who already have Apple TV, they do not have to pay extra. Just go on search “TheatreLive4u” on AppStore.

    3-3. Shops
    There are two stores run by PERFORMERS(in our definition), which are recommendable for theatre lovers to shop, gain information, or meet new favorite theatres.
        3-3a.Nipponbashi store (Osaka)
        This shop sells the DVDs or official goods of theatre companies. In addition, there is a co-working area for performers to have meetings.
        3-3b.Shimokitazawa store (Tokyo)
        Shimokitazawa is one of the most popular towns for performers with a number of theatres in the small area. In addition to goods-selling, some events are frequently given in this shop.

    3-4. Theatre Shooting Services
    NEXTAGE undertakes all the processes of making video (including shooting, editing, and producing DVDs). High quality works by well-experienced camera operators are offered at inexpensive price.

    3-5. Online Ticket Sales Services 
    Customers are able to buy tickets easily with this App. In addition, there is the matching functions in the App, so this encourages people to meet new friends who like similar theatre companies. This can be downloaded in down below.

    3-6. System Developments/ Web Creation
    Systems or web pages of public, private, or personal business can be developed by well-experienced programmers.

    3-7. Operate “Daily Fringe Guide Osaka”
    We organize information of small or middle-sized theatre plays in 8 prefectures of Kansai area of Japan based on flyers, official websites of theatre companies, or information given through social media.

4. The Roles of Token
    4-1. Token can be used as settlement currency on “Mame-ticket”, which is a platform of ticket sales.
    4-2. Token can be used as tip on “Mame-ticket”, which is a platform of ticket sales.
    4-3. After streamlining copyrights, (mainly for small and medium-sized companies’ works) token can be combined with payment for copyright registrations or copyright usages. 
    4-4. Token will support  freelance artists or actors as preferential treatments or bonus.
    4-5. Token can be used as settlement currency in the services provided by NEXTAGE or other partnership companies.(The services are updated as needed)

5. Intended Use of the Budget
    5-1. Developments of MIPS platform
    5-2. Developments of ticket sales services based on MIPS platform
    5-3. Developments of systems for copyright registration, usage, and application
    5-4. Developments of online production systems(including the profits forperformers)
    5-5. Developments of foreign versions of “TheatreLive4u”, multi-language supporting systems, and to buy copyrights to broadcast foreign works.

6. About MIPS
Miracle × Tips = MIPS
We named MIPS with the hopes of making miracles in the performers’ future.

Please see our website for details.


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Thanks for posting!  I've upgraded your account to developer.


Good luck with your project.

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