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To all those invested in CTM

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Listen, we need to bring CTM back to life. It was dead on arrival at cryptsy and thinking that it's just going to suddenly pull itself through because people like to buy cheap coins is bs. 


There is not enough information on this coin available by the devs. The website says little and the forums don't help either. Answer these questions:


What makes this coin unique? (THE COIN NOT THE WALLET - zero fucks given about the wallet)


Why should people buy CTM? (who benefits from this existing?)


Why was it created in the first place?


How will it benefit the community?


The Devs need to step up and get this show on the road. Stop coding for the next week and dedicate each waking hour to talking and spreading this coin. People will only want to buy cheap if they have faith in the minds behind its creation. There is no time to waste.


Miners and investors put ALOT into this coin - its time to reap the rewards.


Lets get to work,

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I dont think Developer or his team have any answer for such question. They made this coin bcoz they know how to make coin, and they are part of herd. I am loosing faith in this coin which have millions of coin in each block and have no value. Every second day a new coin popping without even thinking what is the purpose and why they are making coin.

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first of all, we are already hard working and especially coding new services over the past couple of weeks.


i ll answer all of your questions with one simple question:

do you know what makes other coins so special? the communities behind them and the active crowd.

The CTM community has a handfull of ppl which are really helping und moving things on.


But many users are just starring at their wallet/cex/etc. and waiting for something to happen.

why not start spreading the word yourself? Why not starting to help actively?


we appreciate your thoughts and this step forward helping CTM.

every productive contribution is welcome.






p.s. the website is already beeing edited and new contents/services will be added very soon.

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