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Cant update blockchain

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Hi there so you helped me last time, I thought it just wise to ask you again... I saw you released version 2.0 of the HoboNickels wallet... before that my wallet didnt want to sync.... So I downloaded the new 1 and thought it would be ok... IT updated around 5 hours and then it stopped,,, And I did add like 30 nodes in the peers list


And Also my initial balance was 1600HBN coins its down to 800 now what could be the reason?




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Well it looks like you have some that are currently staking, so those don't' count while they are  waiting to mature.


Regarding Syncing, you might want to try to shut down the wallet and restart it.  Its hard to say exactly why it isn't syncing just from the picture. The logfile helps more information.

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So it looks like you might be caught up on a bad block.


Here is my suggestion.


1) close the current client.
2) download the block chain from HoboNickels.info http://hobonickels.info/HBNBlockChain.zip
3) replace the contents of the .zip file, over your blk0001.dat blk0002.dat and remove/replace your txleveldb folder from %appdata%/HoboNickels directory. (This can be different on linux/mac systems)
4) remove the peer.dat from your  %appdata%/HoboNickels directory. (This can be different on linux/mac systems)
5) start the new 2.0 client up.
6) goto the debug window/console and type addnode IP add.  as you have before.


If after you are caught up your coins are not 100% correct, you can always try a repair wallet from the drop down menu.


Let me know if you have trouble with this.


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Ok so I have done all those steps, my wallet is synced.. except for the last day... but then I go to the peers and start adding nodes,,, but it doesnt read the nodes at all... and I have deleted my peers folder


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