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Cryptum [CRTM] is a network of projects created with the main goal of funding an ever expanding high-end board games design and publishing line, starting with one of the kind game bridging the cryptocurrency world and the board game hobby: “Blockchain: The Cryptocurrency Board Game”.

Cryptum Token owners will be abe to gain: optional free access to our board games almost anywhere in the world without ever losing their tokens, free claim rights for our upcoming mineable cryptocurrency Cryptumcoin [CRYC], and receive optional shared profits from all of our successful projects.

Other token holder benefits include a token with a potential high value: based on its initial price, a real connection to a physical line of products and inflation of the amount of the required number tokens needed for free access to our projects.

Cryptum Tokens are based on the Ethereum chain and will be sold through a double stage crowdsale starting September 16 2017 (00:00 GMT)














Blog / News



Project goal

We want to break the traditional board games funding cycle and start producing high-end games without having to rely completely on Kickstarter or corporate funding. We will still use Kickstarter as there is no better marketing tool available, but we would not depend on it. We will make games ready to hit the shipping agent warehouse the moment we receive our funds from campaigns, and available to retailers instantly.

This is what we are funding here: a small and brave new empire.



Board games

BLOCKCHAIN: THE CRYPTOCURRENCY BOARD GAME is the first high-end strategy game involving the  cryptocurrency mining process and investment. The game features:

1-5 player competitive gameplay

Under 90 minutes play time

85* coins for mining


25 algorithms

Hardware ranging from a single CPU to mining rigs and ASICS

Small share of exchange mechanisms are in the base game

* Numbers may vary because of KS stretch goals and paid additions
** Missing currencies may be added upon request for a fee

There are four planned expansions for the base game, featuring additional mechanics, market updates, new cryptocurrencies, new hardware and rig upgrades. The expansions will add exchanges, mining farms and forks, and the final expansion will introduce complete revamp of the gameplay mechanics.
* More expansions may be release depending on product success

We have one game nearly ready to be published (in beta test soon),. Primewarp: Genesis is a post-cyberpunk pvp/pve mixing realistic sci-fi and dark fantasy in a narrative story and featuring some unique, never seen before gameplay mechanics. The game is massive, with 18 map tiles, over 600 cards, 15+ different great models sculpted by Francesco Orrù (number of miniatures TBA).

Our plans also include two more AAA games that would be announced closer to completion. Both of them will receive lots of attention by the hobbyists. Every game we publish will be kickstarted in order to gain a maximum marketing value of each new project.



Our plan to make Cryptum Tokens profitable for you

Cryptum tokens are basically a subscription for our future games (with artifical inflation of the required number of tokens). On top of that you can claim a part of each new game profit based on your token ownership (details announced separately) and an amount equal to the number of your tokens from our upcoming Cryptumcoin.

In order to make Cryptum Tokens even more valuable and ensure long term funding for the board games project, we will split the initial funding and use parts of it for other projects. Each of the new projects (mining and new cryptocurrency) will have shared part of the profits.

They are not cheap to begin with: 0.02 ETH / 0.00162 BTC per CRTM token

Every xx tokens you own can give you free access to a board game

We never get your tokens in order to give you free games

The number of tokens you have to own becomes higher for each new game

People outside the cryptocurrency market will want them to get free games

You get free cryptocoins [CRYC] once the coin is launched (1 CRTM = 1 CRYC)

We share 20% from the profits of the first board game line

The shared profits gets higher for games with larger profit later on the line

We share 50% from the mining farm profits (lowered gradually) for 2 years

Cryptum mining project

Part of the funds will be used to creat a small to midrange mining farm that would help us with the long term funding of our product line. Part of the profit will be shared for the first 24 months with token owners (we may require certain number of tokens to limit the number of transaction and crete incentive to hold more tokens)

Aimed at creating long term financing for the board game line

2 years of shared profit for token owners (50 to 30% gradually lowered)

Cryptumcoin [CRYC]

We would release a new crypocurrency initially accessible to all token holders.


GPU-only mineable



User friendly software (wallets and miners)

Anti-instamineable via small initial blocks

Highly-prospective, based on the number of coins mined and periodically halving of amount mined

Free coins for token holders

Airdrops to top holders

Accessible on a wide range of exchanges

Planned to be accepted as a payment method for our board game project

Cryptum Tokens Datasheet




SALE DATES (STAGE I: ETH & BTC): 16 Sep 2017 – 16 Oct 2017

SALE DATES (STAGE II, +ALTCOINS, +20%): 17 Oct – 17 Nov 2017










*Statement on SECs: all revenues and free products access are optional and based on claims. Citizens of countries with regulation may opt for buying the tokens for their trade price instead of any revenues they would receive.
**We will not publish board games in languages other than English, and we will not release information about the project in any other language.



Cryptum is not about the people behind it. Cryptum Network project is funding indirectly 3 private companies connected to our main company, numerous freelance developers, designers and artists, and, in order to be able to produce the best possible quality and deliver anywhere in the world, we will have contracts with some of the top board game manufacturers (preferably Panda GM or Ludofact) and shipping agents. Our main project development partners are BoardGames.BG, HardwareBG.com and Crypto Mining Blog – companies and organizations with huge experience in their field of expertize that we trust completely.

Project manager: Nikolai Tsekov
For local operations, board games and mining projects management we will use our company Inistrad Ltd., located in Sofia, Bulgaria
Team members and contributors: Nikolai Tsekov, Anton Belev, Kiril Venev, Grigor Stoichkov, Alexandra Pashova, Tihomir Terziev










Do you like this ANN by Qbert?  Consider donating


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Simple manual for buying and using ETH or BTC to buy Cryptum Tokens

This is a simple guide for the easiest way to get some Cryptum Tokoens at the current moment. It is not comprehensive, we chose the most user-friendly way to do it.


How much ETH you need?

Cryptum Token price is 0.02 ETH for token, and our recommended initial amount of tokens is 80, which would guarantee access to all of the currently announced titles. If you want only the Blockchain board game, you will only need 30 tokens (0.6 ETH), and for the Blockchain game and its expansions you will need 45 tokens. You will need some small amounts for verification, so you should buy 1 or 2 more just to be sure. It doesn’t hurt, you will probably get them back from profit claims!

  • For 30 tokens we recommend buying 0.61 ETH (0.01 ETH for transaction fees and verification)
  • For 45 tokens we recommend buying 0.91 ETH (0.01 ETH for transaction fees and verification)
  • For full access we recommend buying 1.61 ETH (0.01 ETH for transaction fees and verification)

You always need a very small amount of ETH for the so called “gas” for transactions. To keep it simple – gas price is set by miners that will confirm transactions and you can check how much it should be here. At the time of writing this blog post, the regular “fast” price is 22 Gwei (or 0,000000021 ETH) and normal price is 4 Gwei (0,000000004 ETH). You can usually set in in wallets at the time of making a transaction.

We would recommend buying ETH or BT) at Coinbase – as it offers fair security and you can buy both ETH and BTC with a credit card after very simple and fast verification process. This is not the only similar service, but it has proven record of being user friendly.


Paying in BTC?

If you decide to sent us BTC instead (0.0162 BTC per every 10 tokens is the minimum amount we will process, but mind you, BTC transaction fees are higher), you will still need ETH wallet and address for your tokens. Of course, this way you can avoid buying ETH altogether, especially if you have no plans moving the tokens around. Still, we do recommend using ETH transaction and wallet, even just for the low transaction fees and the simplicity of use.


Wallet that can work with Tokens

In order to buy Cryptum Tokens you will need Ethereum (or BTC) and an ERC20-compatible wallet that would show your tokens when you receive them. You MUST have a compatible wallet. NEVER participate in a sale directly from exchange address! Below is a list of ERC-20 standard wallets that you can use.


Ethereum wallets that you can use to store your tokens and participate token sales. To participate Ethereum token sale you need a wallet website or a wallet app where you and you only holds the private keys. Private keys are needed to correctly interact with smart contract functions, like transferring tokens. The following wallets are known to be compatible with Ethereum tokens (ERC-20 standard):

  • MyEtherWallet (no download needed) – highly recommended!
  • MetaMask (Firefox and Chrome browser addon)
  • Mist (Desktop)
  • Parity (Desktop) – at the time of article submission this link didn’twork
  • imToken (iPhone)
  • imToken (Android) – Apk download, may require specific actions to start

* Note that Ethereum wallet information is quoted from: TokenMarket.net


MyEtherWallet is OK?

We recommend MyEtherWallet as it has internal link with Coinbase and you can buy ETH inside (doesn’t work for some countries, but you can still buy ETH at Coinbase and transfer them to MyEtherWallet). It also shows your tokens. Keep your files and passwords safe and you’ll never need another wallet. Of course, unless you buy some hardware wallet like Trezor of Ledger.


That’s all?

Yes, head to the buying page and wait for our ETH address to show up there. Note that you can send us BTC even now, buy we will transfer your Cryptum Tokens at the start of the sale! Buying the tokens with ETH is very simple – you transfer the amount in ETH to our address and the smart contract automatically sends you Cryptum Tokens to the address you used to send us the ETH.

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How does “free access” work for our projects?

Board games

We decided to use very simple process based on “proof of ownership” claims. This means you can gain access to our games just by owning certain amount of Cryptum tokens: 30 for the first game in the catalog, and more for subsequent games. Of course, you will be able to buy more tokens from exchanges if you don’t own enough, but we recommend to buy between 70 and 100 tokens, as this will be anough to guarantee your access to at least the currently announced games or projects. You can also sell them at any time at exchanges after you get the games you want. After we are ready with a game production, about a month and a half prior to shipping, we would require all token owners that want to receive their game to submit the following information:

  1. Ethereum address that we can check to ensure they own the required number of tokens + a small transaction from the address proving you own it;
  2. Name and shipping address*. Note that we are not responsible for customs charges and we will not reship any returned games;
  3. Any additional notes regarding the shipment. We will not declare them as gifts, but declared cost will = manufacturing cost so it will be much lower than MSRP, and we would try to use the same shipping partners we use for Kickstarter fulfillment, so games may be shipped from hubs in EU, USA, Canada, Australia and Asia.

* Some reasonable country restrictions apply: for example, we would not ship to warzones, countries with civil unrest, or countries with proven bad delivery record. We will do our best to ship the games in a way that would create least amount of problems bot for token owners and our team and partners.

When the claim deadline is reached, we will check all submitted addresses and ship the games to all that fulfill the requirements (i.e. they own the required amount of tokens or more). You are not required to transfer your tokens anywhere, and we will use the “proof of ownership” fees to help alleviate shipping charges.


Cryptumcoins [CRYC]

After the launch of our new mineable cryptocurrency you will be able to gain an amount of coins based on the number of tokens you own. Currently we haven’t yet established the exact CRYC to CRTM ratio of the new coin, but the process of claiming the new coin is not much different than the one we use for our board games. You will have to take the following steps in order to receive your free coins after we announce the claim period:

  1. Download the appropriate OS application for Cryptumcoin from our website or github (TBA) and create wallet;
  2. Fill in Ethereum address to check its Cryptum balance + a small transaction from the address proving you own it;
  3. Fill in your Cryptumcoin receiving address.

After the deadline we will check all submitted claims and distribute the respective amounts fromthe premine to token owners. If there are any unclaimed amounts, all of them will be used for airdops to the top 1000 coin owners.


Project profits

We will announce the amounts available for claiming at times of convenience, but on the average – every two months after the first generation of cleared profit. After we have announced how much we have to distribute, you will have to go through a process similar to the claims for free access to board games and Cryptumcoins, with few exceptions. The claim form would require:

  • Ethereum address to check your current Cryptum balance + a small transaction from the address proving you own it*;
  • An agreement with most recent claim rules and conditions absolving us from any rights or obligations over what we transfer to your address.

* Note that if you only own very small amount of tokens you should consider if the fee is equal or higher than the amount you’d receive based on the total number of tokens. We will include appropriate examples and warnings with every announcement.

After the deadline we will check all submitted claims and distribute the proportional amounts of ETH based on the total number of Cryptum Tokens. Any unclaimed funds will be considered forfeit and used for any purpose we deem appropriate, starting with any marketing activities helping our business, upgrading the mining farm project, or developing new games.

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Nikolai Tsekov

Thank you for posting this on our behalf. If anyone has questions, please feel free to ask, I'll be checking the thread periodically.

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Nikolai Tsekov

ICO is now LIVE! @ https://cryptum.co/buy-cryptum-tokens/
ETH smart contract bonuses:

First 24h bonus is 16%

Followed by 4 days bonus 8%

Followed by 2 days bonus 4%


BTC Sale has a flat bonus rate throughout the Stage I sale (0.00135 CRTM instead of 0.00162 CRTM now)





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