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On 8/17/2017 at 11:58 AM, Snowbear said:

hi Tranz, Here is another followup to the high stake weight situation. My wallet slowed way down after a few days of furious staking, and now it has apparently stopped altogether. I see a message when i mouse over the icons in the lower right corner saying I am not staking because i have no mature coins. Everything else seems to be in order, i.e. up to date, connected, and unlocked. My last transaction was on 8/14, so it has been three days the coins have been sitting in the wallet. Shouldn't some or all of them have matured by now?   --Regards


Coins must mature 10 days before they are eligible for stake.  So after you stake all of your coins, you have to wait until the first block that staked ages 10 days.  You can see all of your block and age in the Coin Control Window. Under Send

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