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Where is Conventions ?

What is it about ?

Kinda long to update here.


UnbreakableCoin will be attending the Hasher's United Conference in Las Vegas Oct. 9- 11th with a booth for UNB!!!  Looks like I will be a speaker as well.  Just waiting for Hasher's United to update their website.  Additionally I can be found walking around at "Inside Bitcoins" also in Las Vegas Oct. 5th - 7th.

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BTC Madison proud sponsor of UnbreakableCoin
They are sending me to LasVegas BABY..


/me for once i'll actually represent and talk about crypto to people who care about crypto..

@http://insidebitcoins.com/ and @http://hashersunited.com/

Till then: setgenerate true=1


Stay Tuned..


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UNB price really took off over the weekend, but it's since been dropping right back down again!  What happened?  (Saw huge hash power applied, now it's back down to modest level again.)

Trevor  as stated there was a huge push for UNB as it was the #1 most profitable coin to mine for days. With over a p/hs of mining power at times. There was a lot of speciltive biying going on because of the big news released Sunday. Miners and people took profits as to be excepted. UNB is very please to announce that as of Feb 1st 2015, Michael Terpin, is the new Public Relations Pro Manager for UnbreakableCoin. Michael Terpin has been named in the top 30 most influential people in the Bitcoin Industry and his resume in the Crypto world is enormous, co-founder of the BitAngels and many other big acomplishments.  Pay no atten to the FUD as UNB is sure to rise.

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Great, thanks for the info! :)


Mining is ridiculously difficult right now, the Diff multiplied by six+ this last change and you can see it in the steady decline in network Hash.  I agree with earlier recommendations that the original BTC Diff algorithm (introduced long before the advent of hyper powerful ASIC miners) be replaced with DGW.  That change saved mining for Neos and would do the same for UNB.




PS.  At the current difficulty, it's simply not practical to mine this coin.  However, if not mined, the difficulty will never drop.  This is a serious problem the dev (Jim Blasko) needs to take seriously.  It's not enough to essentially duplicate BTC.  As a POW coin, it's necessary to make the coin viable for mining in today's world (no longer January 2009), it's currently not!

Edited by TrevorS

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2015 UnbreakableCoin UNB Wallets are now public! 

Now Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux in Two Color Versions  

 Blue Version

 Black Version

Fully Loaded With New Features!


Live POW Stats – with Refresh Button

Current Block
Current Reward
Current Difficulty
Current Hashrate
Last Block Time
Current Connection

Built In Block Explorer

Search UNB Transactions
View UNB Block Information

Services Tab with 22 Quick Links to website:

UNB Stores – Vendors and Merchants
UNBAuctions.com – Worlds #1 Crypto Auction site
UNB Updates Page
UNB Team Page
Exchanges to buy and sell UNB
UNB Price Tracking
UNB Mining Pools
UNB Social Media Outlets



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