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[ANN][PEERBANKS][ASSETS] First IRA for Individual Retirement Account

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[ANN][PEERBANKS][ASSETS] First IRA for Individual Retirement Account

"PEERBANKS IRA" Only 1 Million : Re-issuable after 20 to 30 Years  

PeerBanks Corporation is working on a platform for IRA companies to offer their pension plans to clients, using PeerBanks assets, where users can automatically get their money in their local currency in the form of retirement. Works the following way only the person begins to get a PeerBanks assets retirement plan, through an associated IRA Company and makes a monthly affiliation with an automatic purchase of PeerBanks IRA and PBK through a 401k plan that the user will contract through the company IRA that uses our platform that provides security to those funds.

Price start $100 Per Each one 

PeerBanks IRA (Asset)

First (IRA) Individual Retirement Account for a secure future
It is the first asset designed for the use of IRA Companies retirement or pension funds worldwide


ICO Start Date: July 18th  2017 00:00 UTC
ICO End Date: September 22nd  2017 00:00 UTC

Issuance of PeerBanks IRA: 1, 000, 000 Asset Exchange rate: 1 PeerBanks = $100
Minimum transaction amount: 0.25 PeerBanks IRA
Maximum transaction amount per Person or Institution: 1,000 Peerbanks IRA
Bonuses: in the first two weeks the participants will get a 10 % IRA Assets 
Total Sale goal: $13, 800, 000
Minimal Sale goal: $7, 000, 000

PeerBanks IRA is an ICO (Initial Coin Offering), blockchain asset that has been issued on the Waves
blockchains. It is swappable upon command by utilizing Incent Blockswap technology. It is the
native currency of the Waves Asset Tip-Bot.


• The total supply of PeerBanks is 1, 000, 000.00
• Re-issuable asset per supply most IRA companies around the world and countries
interesting in your use for IRA Can be purchased at the price of the moment.
• Asset ID: 3eBcKvyMavxACq54yvXk1rCAP4E475NCwGKV6AmQQNaw
Asset distribution rules.
• 69% (690,000 Assets) will be available to participants;
• 30% (300,000 Assets) will remain in the PeerBanks Foundation until the official exchange
is launched, the tokens will be used as starting turnover to exchange PeerBanks at the
market rate on own current and partners projects, and will be used to form a stable
market and for further development over the next five years. Tokens will be stored on a
wallet with multi-signatures;
• 1% (10 Thousand Assets) Allocation for Founder team, Bounty and Advertising: 1%
Note: Companies IRA for GETTING PeerBanks after crowd sales will have increase of $500 of the price after September 22nd 2017..

Crowd sales Period: July 18th  -  September  22nd   2017

For Join crowd sales, Start Here:  

                                                   Telegram Bot Crowd Sales
For participant individual 
First Crowd Sales 690,000 IRA TOKENS Distribution   1 PeerBanks IRA : $100 

For the IRA companies that support this project.
Second Crowd Sales 300,000 IRA TOKENS Distribution 1 PeerBanks IRA : $500  
All funds recollect will be deposit in a secure escrow account

What is PeerBanks?

First important asset service which provides a provably-fair and transparent, web-based Waves
Platform, code is decentralized and immutable, thanks to the nature of the Waves protocol. Our
smart contract layer runs entirely on the Waves Blockchain. • Auditable • Transparent •
Verifiable The Decentralized Nature of Waves protocol ensures that PeerBanks is immutable
and always available, with no possibility of downtime via DDOS attacks, hosting issues, or other
forms of intended interruption to the service.

That works so that people can create a retirement fund, in a time of 10 to 20 years. Was founded
in June 2017, comes to our lives as a support, for when we no longer have the strength to
continue working, be able to withdraw with our Peerbanks acquired in this valuable time of the
year 2017. Thinking about the future and what lies before us, is a concern Which we all have on
a daily basis, but with Peerbanks asset, all these concerns are from the past. Each Peerbanks
will have a pre-sale cost between $100  and  $115  and the forecast for 5 to 10 years
we sure PeerBanks IRA will increase your price  and growing your brand. 

Early supporters receive bounties for the following activities:
- 100 tokens reserved for following official @peerbanks account on Twitter
- 100 tokens reserved for joining official  /peerbanksIRA on Facebook group
- 100 tokens reserved for translations and maintaining national PeerBanks threads
- 100 tokens  reserved for subscribing to PeerBanks newsletter at peerbanks.org website
- 100 tokens reserved for signature campaign participants at Bitcointalk.
-10k tokens reserved for founder team: for the continuation of the project support in the creation of the platform, publicity, conventions, conferences, attendance to events, integration with IRA's companies and to cover all the needs of the company.

The 300 Thousand of the total 1 Million PeerBanks  after the end of the asset crowd sales generation event, the PeerBanks IRA price will increase $500 for each one, after reach all sales end of PeerBanks assets then will be available to trade immediately by each owner in differents exchange.  


franck Noto, Business Dev Excutive in Noida
Pavel Cherkasov, IcoHub org
Andreas Weiler, Ceo Smithandcrown
Maxim Khryapov, IcoHub org

To learn more about the PEERBANKS Asset:

Website  Whitepaper MyBtcCoin Twitter Facebook Medium Slack Reddit Telegram Channel Steemit Icotracker Bitcoinchaser Icorating Applancer Icoalert 

Contact us: 
PeerBanks Corporation 
382 NE 191ST ST
 Suite 88441
Miami, FL 33179 USA

[email protected]

Participant Restrictions
USA Residents Accredited investors only
Rest of World No limitations

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