The one thing missing to GRC

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The one thing missing to GRC

Hi guys,


I work in a large university and research center in the Netherlands, we are big into animal genetic and I have a large interest in distributed computing. There are a lot of projects out there but I believe universities would adopt GRC more easily than any other alternatives because of our roots.


I also happen to have built a startup working in biotech, I meet and discuss with various investors, many of them are big into cryptocurrencies and digital assets.


Whether I talk or show GRC to associate professors, investors or friend the question is always the same : Who is behind it, who is the team ? I want to support a team that can pivot, not a product.


At first, being a large community of volunteers may give a very bad signal to any users expecting GRC to power the future of distributed computing (difficult governance, no go-to market etc..).


I believe this can be turned into a strength, let's create a nice post, about who is behind GRC


What this article should include :


Infographics about our community

What do we do, degrees, age, in which countries etc, this could be done via a poll and made pretty and elegant.

Some "case" for the most committed and useful members willing to show their faces.

Post your ideas :)


This is as important, if not more than our github/whitepaper when it comes to actual organisation wanting to give a try to GRC.





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Posted (edited)

I think this is a very good idea!
Maybe we can set something up that gives an overview of the members of our community, like https://www.ethereum.org/foundation. We can host something on the upcoming gridcoin.io. That way we can present ourselves as an open, active and real community team.

Nickname: Quez, Quezacoatl
Real Name: Tobias Becke
Nationality: German
University Degree: M.Sc. Energy- and Environmental Engineering, TUHH (Hamburg University of Technology)
Profession: Project Engineer / PhD student at TUHH, topic: energy system analysis
More: CEO Quezolutions UG, blockchain consulting

Me and Gridcoin
Joined: October 2014
Tasks: Taking care of Facebook group and Twitter account [professional social network input appreciated], business development volunteer
Affiliations: GRCnation, Uscore, PiGrid, gridcoin.io


Here is me:



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Posted (edited)



i like the idea very much. @Quez i will follow your template.


Nickname: lxp, bishop
Real Name: Alexander Paul
Nationality: German
University Degree: BSc. Information Management 
Profession: (Web) Analytics Manager 

Place of Residence: Zürich, Switzerland
More: Online Marketing & SEO projects since 2009


Affiliations: Co-Founder of GRCnation.com, Uscore.de/.net 

More: Stopped involvement for about two years (break in between)

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