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HBN Money Supply

So I was looking at the money supply for HBN over the past few years, and I made a little chart.  The purpose of this was to figure out if here in the next 6 to 12 months a hard fork would be necessary. I am still mostly under the guise of no,  but I want to keep an open mind for  the good of all.





As you can  see the annualized money supply rate should be heading closer towards zero, but is sticking in the 70% range. Also, the time between blocks is averaging 20-22 seconds. This is hard to see from the chart, but the time between each bar(100,000 blocks) should be about 35 days, but speeds up as we begin more aggressive staking.  You can click on the chart to download the spreadsheet.


So we can slow down the money creation but allow blocks to stake earlier. This should cause the PoS weight to increase which would lower the annualized staking percentage. We can also, or only,  change the time between blocks to increase a bit to say 45, which would again slow down the annualized money supply by increasing the difficulty of staking.


Anyway this is just thoughts for now.

What say ye?

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Interesting chart.  What are you thinking about doing, looks like you have 2 options.


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I have appreciated the generous stake interest, but HBN exchange rate has languished probably because of seemingly ever increasing coin creation. At the same time I experience more and more difficulty connecting my wallet to the network. I haven't been able to stake for months. The computing resources needed seem to be increasing without limit. These factors do not bode well for the coin's future. We need to do something and quick to breathe new life back into HBN.

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Memory is the biggest hog no doubt. I run  a system with 16 gig of memory. I can run about 4 or 5 wallets plus firebox with still 25% to spare.   I stay connected all the time, so I never have issue with getting peers or generating stake.  But your point is valid.  I think things will be good for future.

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