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[ANN][SAND] BeachCoin! A digital currency for everyone. *X11 PoW*

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BeachCoin is a globalized and transparent digital currency for everyone.
Send and receive BeachCoin to and from anyone, anywhere in the world in nearly an instant.
BeachCoin relies on a decentralized P2P network to process transactions and issue coins.
There’s no central authority to control or manipulate the network.
BeachCoin is a secure alternative to the traditional banking system.
BeachCoin is a tribute to all the beautiful beaches across the world.

Type: PoW
Algorithm: X11
Difficulty Retargeting: DGW
Time Between Blocks: 120 secs.
Block Reward: 100
Daily Block Count: 720
Coins Generated per Day: 72,000
Block Reward Halving Rate: 100,000
Time Between Halvings: 4.57 mos.
Max. Block Size: 1MB
Total Coins: 21,000,000
Ticker Symbol: SAND

Block Explorer:

Inquired with or waiting for listing:

Linux (Ubuntu) x64
Windows x86
Paper Wallet

CPU mining is possible through the BeachCoin Qt wallet.

Visit our Facebook or Twitter to get the latest updates on BeachCoin and its’ development:

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I'm not the developer, just an blockchain fanatic.  Message me about your latest project!


Tip LTC:  LfAEJgnLg7UHXsatwuKxeEZUuk9LahDN8d 

Tip BTC1K4WSffBuMefvJE2mxyggMUvwyoGzP41BT

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