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[ANN][ICO] BitdealCoin - A coin for Sharing Economy and Shopping Deals

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[ANN][ICO] BitdealCoin - A coin for Sharing Economy and Shopping Deals

What is Bitdeal?

Bitdeal  = Cryptocurrency + Sharing Economy + Industrial Revolution 4.0


Bitdeal Coin aim to provide professional trading and exchange tools within the legal boundaries and with a strong technological and legal protection of financial assets.

The ecosystem we are launching on the global market includes instruments for regular users and private cryptocurrencies investors, as well as for institutional investors and financial organizations.



Why you should join?

It does not matter if you want to use BDL for trading, longterm investment or day-to-day financial activities, with BDL you will always be gaining value. The entire ecosystem will be governed by this power algorithm based on predetermined formulas, written by professional economists.



Bitdeal Ecosystem






roadmap 2.png




Bitdeal Coin Specifications


  • Total amount: 300,000,000 BDL

  • Block rewards: 50 BDL

  • Hashing algorithm: Scrypt

  • Network: POW

  • Block size: 1 MB

  • Block time: 2.5 min



Home page: https://bitdeal.co

Block Explorer: https://explorer.bitdeal.co.in
Mining Pool: http://sg.bitdeal.co.in, http://findblocks.com

Wallet: https://bitdeal.co.in


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remove unrunning pool

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3 hours ago, John Stealth said:

How can i create an account in your site? is there any wallet to download or web wallet?

You can create an account from referral link from other accounts.
The wallet and web client is coming soon.

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On 7/12/2017 at 7:42 PM, Predator10 said:

Hi i have unconfirmed tx since 48h 0 confirmations and i send with the highest fee.What to do now ?


And set higher diff for your pool http://sg.bitdeal.co.in  2048 is to low  ,make it 8k 16k and 32 k.It's hard to connect with that diff.

Hi, we will increase diff all port in 24h, thank for your supports

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5 hours ago, Fireeyes said:

Hi, what's going on with this pool: http://sg.bitdeal.co.in ?
The number of confirmed blocks hasn't changed in almost 24 hours!

There also seems to be a very long delay in transaction confirmations.

I m going so slowly in this pool in all ports from 256 mhs my worker work only at 10-15 mhs. What abou you? What port are you using for best hashrate?

Edited by Anonymous95

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