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[3-27][PRE-ANN][13]13Coin - ANTI ASIC - 1% premine - Safe IPO - Scrypt Jane-nFactor - RARE

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13 coin - Fight the Superstitions!

Why 13 coin? 13 is an special number important in many communities and religions. We want to show you the famous friday of 13th has nothing to do with bad luck and its pure superstitions - we will proove it by making everybody involved earn money with this coin!

- in Judaism, 13 signifies the age at which a boy matures and becomes a Bar Mitzvah

- in Sikhism, Guru Nanak Dev Ji, who was an accountant at a town of Sultanpur Lodhi, he was distributing grocery to people and when he gave groceries to the 13th person he stopped there because in Gurmukhi and Hindi the word 13 is called Terah, which means yours

- in Catholism, The apparitions of the Virgin of Fรกtima in 1917 were claimed to occur on the 13th day of six consecutive months.

- in Zoroastrianism, The number 13 is considered a day when evil's power might cause difficulties for people. Therefore people leave urban areas for one day and camp in the countryside.

- in Islam, 13 is a total of 1 Prophet and 12 Imams in the Shia school of thought.

- in Mesoamerican divination, 13 is the number of important cycles of fortune/misfortune.

- in Wicca, there are 13 witches in a coven.


Algorithm: Scrypt Jane modified nFactor Hybrid PoW/PoS

Max Coins: 13 for PoW

Block Time: 30 seconds

Difficulty Retarget: Every block

Block Reward: 0.000013

Maximum PoW Blocks: 1000000

No Block Halving

PoW will end in around 1 year

Proof of Stake:

Year 1 to 3: 18%

Year 4 to 6: 13%

Year 7 to 9: 8%

Year 10 to 12: 3%

Year 13: 1%

Confirmations: 13, maturity: 130

Min stake age: 13 days, max age: 39 days

IPO Premine: 1%(0.13 coins)


There will be only one round starting today(17th) and will end 24th. 0,13 13Coins will be awarded to IPO investors according to the amount of shares they own at this time. Funds will be used for ongoing development, maintenance, marketing and ongoing promotions. Funds distribution will be transparent.

Escrow agent: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=169448 member of HBN foundation, one of owners of http://fuk.io blog, twitter:https://twitter.com/kingscrownbtc

IPO Address:



IPO Entries:


Logo Contest:

Our logo is not to good for this coin so there is new logo contest here https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=519702%C2




Windows: 13 hours before launch(password protected)

Linux: 13 hours before launch(password protected)

Macintosh: 13 hours after launch

Source: 13 hours before launch(password protected)

Source(github): On launch(password protected)




We will be on our first exchange in less than 24 hours after launch. More information on this before coin launches.







Official Web Site: www.13coin.info(in development)

IRC: https://kiwiirc.com/client/irc.freenode.net/13Coin


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im the host of IPO here. already 4 people entered.

get on ti while u have time!

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long story short:

so i was holding the BTC IPO, but seems on the side vadevski was taking non-btc payments from people.

later on yesterday he asked me to send him part of the IPO to pay dev of SYN coin to release the code and premine to him. i dont know if SYN Coin admin is part of this or not but thats what i know.


the IPO i was holding wasnt big - just 0,9BTC and since i knew this guy from workign with him on his faucet [i brang there some coins, when they got down he gave back me balances!] i expected him to be fair and see no reason to be a scammer over such low amounts.

he took from me 0,83BTC - but dont worry. im a man, i was protectign this IPO with my name so im paying this back from my pocket.

u trusted me to be escrow here, so thats what escrow does - pays back.


if u want to track the guy all i know is:

hes ownee of earncryptocoins.com - he claims he sold it - but either way its a good way to loo kfor him

SYN Coin admin - also good part. 

he also claimed toi work at 1 company but i doubt it.


bunch of logs:







and the IPO wallet:



im sending coins right NOW to everybody who spoke to me on PM and im sure hes who he says.

if you never spoke to me but paid BTC to my adress - PM me, we will sort it.

if you paid in other currency than BTC to OP then i cant help.


if u want to show me some support heres my wallets in many currencies, any donations will be fine to make up my loss:

* BTC - 1BrTwi9uACs7u6vQ111CAJuy8mFZLSDgGr

* LTC - LfAurHeUMMDkJHmhdYdyPN5z7DYYekykuK


* CSC - CLrbZunepb4X9BsTzJEtUDiF5GZAD58NCK

* DOGE - DHSVNrBqgBawqPuh5rLZJs5fDkS4pr3Ehq

* HBN - Eru6ABgKACmjoGoJpnm1STEpaX3HA3Tue2

* DGB - DE29jZ2KxK4yopnHUSRdX53P4HCfA7nprW

* LEAF - fEo42d4ySnm7hGXgbCY6RuNiCUt4hbxAAG

* MAX - mdeL7c319sDobTD9tSXsiAcPUR8whe2bcd

* LTB - LWQHPexNUiWhrpCraxrehLjDN8XtMAHn6i

* APH - aSBeeuCCw9sroKL77eNX6vp3iBKHMugqzD

* KDC - KvdhEg215NKXcGsFMK16iAEPi9qKnaRdtV

* DIEM - 15PDmAKykKsu26hKFRkHMCLfgdtNi3fM2T



* MINT - MoqHYG2LDgraRSteFe6zVG5CaEvrMW3FwD

* NYAN - KJLuAftXzQgJro6d4D67axbRhSJ3xZ49Ka

* IFC -  iEQ6cNdcvKCWc377SmzjKvRTDtSevPACQd


* HVC - HRZNExSx2GsVNrEcmWiddsKKnhH9krw7rg 

* PHS - 9b1JfwBKo1D4Jn7HgDTzWrdFwsvZbDQT1A

* PRC - QjqHCcKof1wmdQPgeRg1Xg2t2wW2sZQCkW

* VRC - VgV3MvHcTjJtTMQZmUzpkexAwtbH3hycLj

* WDC - WjZanjcmjfCZckMN9vLHYuukTr43guYq1j

* ZET - ZZmkA3f9v7fmc6LsnGVN7dzRz5YYPnKN3n

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This coin never launched and is being moved to the Never Launched Archive.

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