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Seeing Results ???

I have been doing this research for the past year already, on various projects, a majority have been already whitelisted, and I am wondering, how long does it take for this stuff,  actually showing you some results? I have this on various devices, on my tablet, on a netbook and a little on my main system. But in all, I also had issues with the actual gridcoin wallet program, not function properly due to certain settings in the configuration settings.  The other issue is it not displaying the CPID number, but it has given me in the beginning but no longer displays it.  Which brings me to my  next issue that when I run the CPID number it always tells me it is invalid, but when I cross reference the numbers they seem to be valid. but look like someone else is benefiting from it besides me.  I am starting to think that the gridcoin, bitcoin, all seems to be like a scam, that the little guy really does get the shaft no matter what he tries. Or am I just jumping to conclusions? How soon, should  someone see some type of results? 

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