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recovering lost coins

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recovering lost coins

I recently had a hard disk problem and lost my wallet and coins.  And, although I thought I was backing up the wallet, it was not on the backup media.  OK, my bad won't make that mistake again. 


Now have gotten things  running again with a new wallet address.  I had resigned myself to losing the coins.  However, today I discovered the old wallet address and that it was tied to my CPID.  Is it possible to somehow recover these coins from the old wallet address without a backup?  If so, I suspect this has been discussed before but haven't been able to find the information.  Any info appreciated. 

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Hi TomC.


If you only have recovered your wallet ADDRESS, that will not help. Only if you manage to find the old file called wallet.dat (with its password if applicable) that your previous address was connected to, you will be able to recover that amount of gridcoins. Because your wallet address is "public" (in the neural network) anyone could claim to be you and go to some admin and refund of whatever. Remember that with cryptocurrency, there is no bank office or desk that you can walk up to, show your passport or id-card and go "hi guys, it's me... lost my wallet, please transfer to my new one". This is one of the point that "makes" cryptocurrency. If no wallet file, no one will be able to help you.


If you have found your old wallet.dat file, you just need to remember you old password as well (if you encrypted you wallet back then... which you should have)


Follow this advice: http://wiki.gridcoin.us/FAQ#What_should_I_do_to_recover_an_old_backup_of_my_wallet.3F


What should I do to recover an old backup of my wallet?

Backup wallet.dat.

Look for the %appdata%\Roaming\GridcoinResearch\walletbackups folder.

Find the youngest backup.

Copy it to the %appdata%\Roaming\GridcoinResearch directory and rename it wallet.dat.




A couple of things need to be said though.

a) When you replace the existing wallet.dat in your actual wallet-folder of you new address that you have created, I suggest you rename that(!) wallet.dat file of the new/second address accordingly without just deleting or overwriting it.

b) Then only, once you've done that, take you wallet.dat file that you managed to recover and paste it into the Gridcoin Research directory and reboot the wallet.

c) Do not delete your wallet.dat with the second address that you have created. I suggest, you keep it!

d) If you have coins in BOTHS wallets already, make sure to transfer to the wallet of your choice. Or do like me, have a couple of computers with a couple of wallets running. So in that case, you will still be able to access the two wallets (like one on a PC in a basement, and one on your laptop). Because very likely your second address will already be hooked to your BOINC-CPID.

e) Make sure you have at least(!) one backup file (for any of your exisiting wallets) that are either saved on your cloud/stick/external drive/CD. Make sure no virus can destroy or hyjack it. The online cloud will prevent your data to get stolen my a thief or destroyed by a fire. But a virus might crypt that file, so use an old-school data backup as well. And make sure your gridcoin wallet is securely password encrypted. You do not want your gridcoins to vanish due to such an error.


Good luck.

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