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Humm i have read about how you feel about Apple. But hey i had this computer way before cryptocoins where launched so not calling it unfair but close, the fact that a Mac wallet is still pending,Knowing the lack of trust most of us have leaving our coins on servers i think you are cutting out the Mac community from your coin...hope you will change your mind about waiting too long for a mac wallet...just my 2 coins


and to prove i am a good player i have started mining your coin :) on my Mac...

you could do what some of us do. which is to put a copy of windows on another partition using bootcamp. then  if they developer makes a mac wallet in the future just send from your windows wallet to your mac wallet. yes i know it's a pain but safer than leaving your coins on a server.

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Hard fork coming at block 100K make sure you update your wallets.



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