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For those looking for another exchange https://www.Atomic-Trade.com?refid=HELOBGJB started a few hours ago.


4 week old exchange

Its fast and very secure compared to a few other sites we know. 

They also have USD/BTC pairings (maza/usd incoming soon) with verification within a hour if in the US outside of the US can take a bit longer but not weeks/months like some other sites.

The owner is very transparent and I know so people get a slight turn off it they see you can have 3 stages of accounts keep in mind that the limited buy/sells is for each pairing and not total on the account.

Atomic-Trade.com is owned and operated by Atomic Trade, LLC..
Atomic Trade, LLC. A New Jersey Limited Liability Corporation.
New Jersey Business# 0400612660 VERIFY
FINCEN MSB# 31000036438066 VERIFY
Primary registered Agent: Allen Penner
Primary financial institution: TD Bank, N.A. Cherry Hill, New Jersey




By using the latest technology we can provide and unparalleled level of support, provide a superior experience, encourage members to actively engage each other, and promote safe trading of virtual currencies.

  • Cloud hosted scalable servers
  • Traffic load balancing
  • Geo located redundancy
  • Internal and external security controls
  • Interactive member and support chat
  • 3rd Party security monitoring
  • Daily offline wallet backups
  • Regular identity verifications
  • FINCEN financial reporting
  • SSL encrypted connections
  • Global content delivery network


So come gives a try and enjoy.

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SuchPool's MazaCoin Pool!



Trusted amongst the community, we will offer you peace of mind mining. Our servers are well maintained and our team competent. Our rock solid infrastructure and good global networking will ensure a good connectivity to our services, even under attacks.
Here are some specs about our pools:
  • 1% Pool Fee
  • PROP payout system
  • VARDIFF, Multiple (6+) Stratum Servers
  • 24/7 Monitoring on Stratum, MPOS, Central Wallet, Mysql and much more
  • DDoS Protected
  • Clustered System to better distribute the load
  • Brand new hardware, Built by us
  • Raided SSDs to ensure maximal database performance and reliability
  • Hosted in a state of the art Datacenter
  • Best bandwidth carriers, excellent connectivity and latency worldwide
Point your miners at: stratum+tcp://stratum1.suchpool.pw:3342


Come start mining now on http://Maza.SuchPool.pw
Our team is knowlegeable and can help you start mining. Just ask us!
To reach us:
    Email: [email protected]
Thank you for your interest in our pool, we hope to see you soon!

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Great news !!! the new Trading platform Palth does not require voting, just make a new request of your favorite coin and it will be added the very next day, They accept all coin. Tell them to add your coin by sent Name, Code, Bitcointalk or Cryptocointalk link and sources on Github. Here is the link  https://www.palth.net/register/52

Tomahawkcoin, buy it once, it will pay you twice.


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When this coin launched i believed so much in it, after it's disgusting performance from it's all time high, i can say without any regret that Mazacoin has become worthless, and buyers are long gone.


Nobody in his right mind would place such a huge sale or even own so many coins at this price, definitely these coins were not mined, (not with the current difficulty on the coin).


The chart and all time performance for Maza points at a carefully orchestrated Pump and Dump, i am so disgusted with this coin, and nothing will be able to bring it to it's all time high ever again. Bitcoin has been crushed under so much selling power.


Unless this is due to the thief's from Crypto Rush that are using their victims coins to dump on a open market, either way i think this community has to take charge and fix this problem.


My solution to fix this, is cancel all your buy orders on every exchange and place your bids at 1 satoshi, that way if anyone has that many coins to dump they could only do it at that price.


The coin will eventually trade at that price anyway, if they did not stop dumping up until now, they wont stop now.


If you think that, by sitting at the bid at any price above 0.00000001 it is a bargain, guess again, we all thought at one time, that buying at any price below 0.00007000 is a good price, many regret that now.




Look at the dates of purchase. Over .39 BTC for 22,731 Mazacoin  in February, 2 months later the same BTC amount, would buy over 684,000 Mazacoins, somebody is taking a leak on everyone and tells us is raining.


Mazacoin has been nothing but an abusive coin to all it's supporters and investors alike.


I personally do not know of any other coin that performed so bad and so fast, from a high of over 0.00020000 in Crypto Rush.


50 Million coins pre-mined at an average price of 0.0001 (just to be fair), equals at 5000 BTC, which in turn equals to $2,5 Mil




Tomahawkcoin, buy it once, it will pay you twice.


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