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Official HBN Foundation Thread

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Alright, I have been using most donations so far to pay for advertising on reddit. The ads have been oversold for the last month and the opportunities aren't there for advertising anymore. 


I would like to pay for the website hosting every month with the HBN-F coins, which is about $17 a month.  I left 0.05 BTC in the BTC wallet to cover hosting for the next two months and bought HBN with the rest today.  I figure that we might as well stake the HBN Foundation coins while they sit.  Currently the wallet has 1270 HBN.


I personally think it would be nice to have a base layer of HBN that generates enough stake a month to cover hosting (we are about half of the way there - at current prices the stake on 1270 should give about $7.40 a month).  I might throw a few more coins at the HBN-F wallet to help get the stake up.


What type of goals would everyone like to achieve?  Any opinions?


Wallet address - Ex3Z1roGMsaHbPRdvLZdeaMKn5ys5ZsEAn

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I was thinking maybe I can "give" (I'm looking for the english word for "rent" but for free?) (It's not MY money) you my pool cold wallet, at least for the stake...
Currently, my pool wallet doesn't stake (because the daemon send the oldest coin first)... 


Or maybe giving you the pool donation (with a little message to "ask" the user for this).

So far the donation are 20.60265635, pool fees : 270.24567472

And presstab did more than 60% of the donations :P


Anyway, I'm trying to find some ideas for it. If you have some, feel free to let me know.

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Even with the price of HBN coming down this month, I still was able to cover the bills with stake income.  Since last payment the foundation wallet has gotten about 225 HBN in stake income (including stake for charity donations from external wallets).  It is only going to cost around 165 HBN at current prices to cover the bills. Still loving this coin!

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