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1) We have generated a chain of 10 million sha256 hashes, starting with a server secret that has been repeatedly fed the output of sha256 back into itself 10 million times. The sha256 of the final hash in the chain is: c56c9fe892bd23ff6d20da0b505c86db9acecb6a257a2b79b23dfface1d4ea75, by publicising it here we are preventing any ability to pick an alternate sha256 chain.



2) Parabolic will play through that chain of hashes, in reverse order, and use the hashes to determine the crash point in a probably fair manner.


3) To avoid criticism that the Bitcoin address used in step 1 was carefully chosen to generate lots of "bad" crash points, each hash in the chain will be salted with a client seed, which we have no control of. The client seed will be the block hash of a Bitcoin block that hasn't yet been mined: block 465525.



The reference code (javascript) is as follows:


The method to create the hash chain is simply sha256:

function genGameHash(serverSeed) {
  return crypto.createHash('sha256').update(serverSeed).digest('hex');


The method to convert a game hash, mix it with the picked client seed to a game multiplier:


function crashPointFromHash(serverSeed, clientSeed) {
  function divisible(hash, mod) {
    // We will read in 4 hex at a time, but the first chunk might be a bit smaller
    // So ABCDEFGHIJ should be chunked like  AB CDEF GHIJ
    var val = 0;
    var o = hash.length % 4; 
    for (var i = o > 0 ? o - 4 : 0; i < hash.length; i += 4) {
      val = ((val << 16) + parseInt(hash.substring(i, i+4), 16)) % mod;
    return val === 0;
  var hash = crypto.createHmac('sha256', serverSeed).update(clientSeed).digest('hex');
  /* In 1 of 101 games the game crashes instantly. */
  if (divisible(hash, 101))
     return 0;
  /* Use the most significant 52-bit from the hash
     to calculate the crash point */
  var h = parseInt(hash.slice(0,52/4),16);
  var e = Math.pow(2,52);
  return Math.floor((100 * e - h) / (e - h));


The chain could be generated with code such as:


var serverSecret =  'If you knew this, you could steal all my money';
var clientSeed = '0000examplehash';
var gamesToGenerate = 1e7;
var serverSeed = serverSecret;
for (var game = gamesToGenerate; game > 0; --game) {
  serverSeed = genGameHash(serverSeed);
  console.log('Game ' +  game + ' has a crash point of ' + (crashPointFromHash(serverSeed, clientSeed) / 100).toFixed(2) +'x', '\t\tHash: ' + serverSeed);
var terminatingHash = genGameHash(serverSeed);
console.log('The terminating hash is: ', terminatingHash);



Using our chosen starting serverSeed, the hash terminating the chain is c56c9fe892bd23ff6d20da0b505c86db9acecb6a257a2b79b23dfface1d4ea75. That is to say, the first game's hash played under the new provably fair scheme, when hashed will be c56c9fe892bd23ff6d20da0b505c86db9acecb6a257a2b79b23dfface1d4ea75.


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Hi everyone, 

Our team is wrapping up some fixes and changes for the ETC casino ETCBets.com

Major items are:

1. Parabolic game up and running with several upgrades and fixes;

2. Auto bet enabled on Parabolic;

3. Several mobile UI changes;

4. June launch of promotion bonuses and contests.

More details will follow soon, remember the site donates 10% monthly income to the two ETC development teams (5% per team).

Let's make this business a big success for ETC use case and entertainment. Get registered today and test out dice while waiting for the second game and upgrades to go live later this week. 

Follow the Twitter account for up to date news:


-The ETCBets Team

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