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Client UI


Latest Version = 1.1.1-beta.7


Website Link


All Version Released


Direct Download

Winx64 (Version = 1.1.1-beta.7)



AppImage (Version = 1.1.1-beta.7) | DEB (Version = 1.1.1-beta.7) | SNAP (Version = 1.1.1-beta.7) | TAR (Version = 1.1.1-beta.7)





Explorer Website





WMCC Exchange (in WMCC Client Built-In) 

WMCCEX.COM - coming Soon


Source Code (GitHub)




WMCC PlugIn Source Code

Mining Pool



Source Code


API Documentation

cURL, CLI, Javascript



WMCC Pool - wmccpool.com



Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | GitHub | Youtube | Reddit | Telegram

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Update Link for new release update (see edit history)
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We reserved wmcc.network for WMCC Block Explorer. The block explorer is under development. Currently the page is redirected to WMCC main site.

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WMCC Exchange Progress - will be able to trade ETA next month (Dec 2018)






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Posted (edited)

Hello dear community. We are pleased to announce that we have done a great deal of technical work recently, which we will report in the future. Today WMCC Team understands that early diggers are already bored and want to get their profit. We understand this and do our best to protect the interests of all participants. Now technical work is underway to enter foreign markets. And also preparing for the presentation of an interesting tool that you will also like. But now we want to give you the opportunity to start communication and get acquainted with each other, as well as to make an exchange. We are pleased to present the ESCROW interim solution. On the official channel, you can not worry about cheating and find your buyer. Please join telegrams channel https://t.me/worldmobilecoindiscussion, new official ESCROW https://t.me/WMCCOfficialESCROW. See you there.



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