[Tutorial] Start to Earn Credits + Bitcoins with Automated Scripts

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Hello mates


Do you want to earn Bitcoins on automatic mode with faucets and don't know how to?
In this easy guide I'll show you all necessary steps to start from zero, how to config the script system in your O.S. and start to earn with a free and simple strategy with some legit faucets.
This is not a ''Get-Rich'' with BTC guide, but you will learn and get familiar with automated scripts, start to acumulate your own credits easily, and use them in a better strategy to multiply your profits or invest in long term, all on full automatic.
Let's calculate this with a simple example: with one (1) hour of work (solving captchas) you can make about 1.500 - 2.000 credits easily, without too much effort.
1.500 credits become about 120-125 captchas to use them on full automatic.
With a Freebitcoin account and activating Reward Points (100%) strategy you can earn 320-330 satoshis per hourly ''Roll''.
With the minimum numbers: 120 captchas * 320 = 38.000 satoshis to your balance on full automatic (in a short term, of course, you cannot make 120 ''Rolls'' in 24 hours).

This is a example with minimum numbers. You can set a better strategy with your work to start profiting on automatic and passively.


Download Full Guide Here + Bots

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