TheCoin - The first smart contract with commission income

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Token with commission income.


Crowdsell finish: 1 Jun 2017


Token brings revenue from collected commissions.

When you send tokens, a commission is charged at a rate of 1% of the amount, for example, you send 100 tokens to your friend, after deducting the commission your friend will receive 99 tokens.




The collected commission is kept in the contract and each owner of TheCoin tokens can receive a part of the collected funds.

The profit calculation is based on the quantity of owner tokens, for example, the total quantity of created coins is 1000, the owner has 100 tokens, which is 10% of the total quantity of tokens, He can take himself 10% of the collected funds on the contract, if the quantity of collected tokens is 300, then he can pick up 30 tokens.

Also, each owner of the ethereum wallet can receive 0.00000001 TheCoin as a surprise.




You can take your profit or surprise every 72 hours. This is done to protect against stealing tokens from the contract and to get tokens to all :)


To buy tokens You need to send ether to the address 0x0587eB954974000cc6588dE6702B3Beaeb0215f4 details on the website

Crowdsell is held once at the address and will last until June 1, 2017


The quantity of tokens will not be added or decreased after krowdsell, which allows to adhere to the deflationary model, increasing the cost of tokens.

Also in the near future, the token will be added to the knowns exchanges of cryptocurrency.

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