Free POWERFUL faucet script.

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this script can add offerwall ?

Not yet, but going to add this right after will set up few more shorten links services. 

Is it you emailed me via my website? I asnwered you if that was you :)

If that wasn't you, pm me or email me.

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Hey, guys. Finally I found some time to do update.
-Added FaucetSystem microwallet (now you can use 3 microwallets on one faucet at the same time). This currently in beta, so please let me know if you'll find any issues. 
-Added shortlink service integration
-Added Prol.Ink shotrlink service integration
-Reworked rewarding system for shortlinks clicking. Now codes are storing in cookies.
-Added ability tou use ALL shortlinks at the same time (,, mellowads). So user can get triple reward if he gonna use all systems. 


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