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BE PART OF THE MOMENT NOW!   https://www.pabyosicoin.com/MyOffice/SignUp.aspx


Have you heard of the Story of Bitcoin ?


The first trade was exchanging 10,000 Bitcoins with 2 orders of Pizza in 2010.

If you’ve owned the 10,000 BTC coins , you would’ve retired by now.

If you missed it, here is your second chance, so 

Don't miss this out!


It does not matter if you were a shabby business man, a network marketer, or 

whichever level you were in, you can change your life with this exponential

technology product.


Simply plug into the following information,act upon it and spread this news.


What am I talking about?


I will direct to the points and will brief in introducing Pabyosicoin business.


Pabyosicoin has 3 characteristics that people are looking for.


1. Safety: It takes 100,000 years for anyone to hack the system.


2. Liquidity : accessible to cash anytime &anywhere


3. Return: on your input is greater than any vehicle out there in

    the current uncertain market condition.


Pabyosicoins are coins mined already over 50%. Total numbers of coins will be 31.5 billion. The rest of the coins will be mined for the next 50 years.

(See attached PPT for detailed technology infos)


It is not tokens, points,certificates or coupons but real coins, just as finished gold coins.

You can say that Pabyosicoin is gold on the internet.

Just like gold, there are not much due-diligence you need to go through 

unlike real estate or stocks.


Gold is gold!


To check validity of this coin if this is real coin or not, Please go to the following international coin exchange site, www.c-cex.com ,


and create your account.


Then, log-in and study Pabyosicoin and other coin activities.


The real coins should be exchangeable with Bitcoins in international coin exchange unlike tokens,points, certificates or coupons which are not changeable with Bitcoins. 


As you know, coin itself is not valuable unless the coin has many users.

So Pabyosicoin started its marketing since May 15, 2016.

They have 2 strategies to make Pabyosicoin more popular so that there’s more value.


First, they have started network marketing because this form of the marketing is the most effective to get more members giving people incentives of awarding double coins as the certain volume of sales.


Their starting price was 16.6 cents in May 15,2016.

Now it is about 22.5 cents/ coin(PBC)

There will be double coin award when price points reach at 33.3 cents

They have adopted similar type of stock split system.

The coin does not split but rather provides rewarding double coin award programs for marketing just as Bitcoin in 2009 and 2010, gave out their coins for free to students

in order to let people know about the coin.


Usually this form of marketing system is the best for coins because it has to be digital, global and networked to be successful.  The global network marketing leaders are beginning to flock together in this and one of the most successful leaders from Nu Skin with 18 years of experience has joined. He is well known and has built credit overtime around the globe.


In fact, the global exposure is the key for this business to be popular quickly.

The news of Pabyosicoin already got spread out to S.E. Asia, North America, South America, Central America and European market.It reached over US$5,000,000 in sales of Pabyosicoins in the first month since the marketing started.


Second, Pabyosicoin has been creating demand sides so that the members or customers outside can use Pabyosicoin to purchase gold products from England and have contracted with live casino in the Philippines and are building online live casino and people can participate in the online casino and buy chips with Pabyosicoin.


With these two strategies , the value of Pabyosicoin is expected to have exponential growth within next 2 to 3 years. 


In short, PBC is a good coin in quality but undervalued.

Bitcoin’s price can go up but also can go down, but the price of PBC will only go up and up at least for the next 2  to 3 years from now on.


Why do I believe that PBC will go up?


It’s simple!


Supply vs Demand!


People are looking for good-quality coins with undervalued.


Pabyosicoin's technology is 3 levels upgraded and 10 times faster than Bitcoin. 

The usability of PBC is getting increased as time goes by since the demand sides

are created among the users.


In fact, Pabyosicoin will be used for people around the world such as online casinos in the Philippines as well as various on line merchants, b2b and p2p remittance.


Most of all, the most important thing for people is to get paid.

The accessibility to cash out whenever and wherever people want is very important.

People have 2 options to get paid.


    1. by a prepaid VISA card or 

    2. by Bitcoins.


Attached please find PPT for more detailed infos.

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