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Free 500 equid coins worth $5 from eQuid until 30 Apr 2017!

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free 500 coins worth $5 from eQuid until 30 Apr 2017

eQuid is a new digital currency, eQuid system is a secure ledger built on top of the Stellar protocol, during prelaunch eQuid give 500 coins worth $5 with build team or MLM program

Sign up at the link: www.equid.co
Level 1 Free 500 coin.
Level 2 Free 400 coin.
Level 3 Free 300 coin.
Level 4 Free 200 coin.
Level 5 Free 100 coin.

How to get Free 500 Coin
1. Go to the website: www.equid.co
2. Open the Wallet menu and register (wait a minute until your account have finished  setup) 
3. Open the menu MLM OFFER and scrol to the lower side
4. In MLM offer the option to fill in the details:
- The username of your equid (_username_ * equid.co)
- Name of the user Referrers (sizal * equid.co)
5. Click GO !!!!
Note: Fill (sizal * equid.co) as username referral to get 500 equid coin.
Now you get a 500 coin equid.
Free launch date of May 1, 2017



How to see balance:


1. in the wallet section you will see  ballance in the form of USD, GBP etc  and ballance still zero. and it will be accumulative after launch  date of May 1, 2017..  for detail see at https://equid.co/mlm-offer/

2. to see XLM ballance that you have, in the wallet section you just choose usename and it will be show XLM ballance with secret key
3. to see eQuid ballance that you have, in the mlm offer section you just insert again your equid username and equid who reffers you and than click go ..  it will be show your equid coin earning with level
thanks before , not wrong to try, because it is 100% free, as we already know about the previous stellar giveway program, I hope this equid giveway program from stellar will be successful again..

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