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This week I have been taking advantage of the good markets and have traded some of my bitcoins for altcoins, including 2btc worth of navcoin days ago. Unfortunately, I foolishly sent my navcoin to my wallet before it finished synching. I have downloaded btc wallets before, so I figured it would take around the same amount of time. It didn't, it has been going so slowly that I am pretty sure it will never finish syncing as it seems blocks are created faster than it's loading. It's been 3 or 4 days and only 329 blocks have been processed. At this rate my coins will be lost as it has to finish syncing before I can access the coins that were already sent to that wallets address. What can I do to speed this up? I could some free nav to anyone that can help, that coin I bought it worth like $3-4k at current price but I can't access it. Oh, I am using NavCoin-Qt on Mac


tl/dr: NavCoin-Qt on Mac wont sync with network, coin has already sent to that wallet, can't get coin till it syncs, pls hlp


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Hello there, I haven't used nav but I suppose that you should be able to send coins from your wallet.


You can export your private key and sweep the coins into coinomi wallet ( ). Coinomi is an android wallet that supports many coins. Sweep simply means that it will send ALL the coins from your old address to an address in the coinomi wallet - you need to EXPORT YOUR PRIVATE key from your wallet 1st.


How you export private key from navcoin wallet?


Go to HELP -> Debug Window -> CONSOLE  and enter this command dumpprivkey [your NAV address that is in your wallet]


After that console should display you your private key.


Next step : Download coinomi wallet from play store, make a new wallet , save pass phrase/mnemonic seed that they give you - IMPORTANT , chose navcoin - > click on nav coin from an owerview tab -> in the right top corner you will have 3 dots click on them and click sweep wallet -> now just enter your private key that console has shown you.


After that you can send coins to any exchange or anywhere else if you would like to.


Coinomi is an open-source lightweight HD wallet, your private keys are stored only on your mobile device. With mnemonic, seed that you are given you will be able to recover your coins or even to see your private keys in case that you need to do that. If you do not have a mobile phone (they don't have PC version yet) so you could use some android emulator for PC to be able to do this - please save you seed it is a backup to your wallet.



If you need further instruction, more help just ask. Better ask and do it right than not to ask and to do it wrong.

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