Does anyone have issues with using Gemini.com ach transfer?

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Hey guys! Does anyone have an issue with using Gemini.com to buy ether or bitcoin?

Iv been buying ETH thru there and recently, they returned my bank transfers (ACH), and locked my account. Sent me an email saying i need to send them a wire for the outstanding balance, until then they will not unlock my account. 

 SO, here we go, they already deducted the initial ach trasnfer from the bank. I wired the money my account did get unlocked. But, i still havent received the money back from them for the initial ACH transfers. Is this a way for them to get funds? Has anyone else had this issue? please comment 

Also i had a limit to sell order when they locked my account, i asked them to cancel it via email, and it was not cancelled came out to me losing approx. 2700 in eth value. 

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Jimmy thanks for the reply!, i submitted many tickets very limited responses, more like ignoring. Tried to call many times, every single time you call doesnt matter what time you get a automated message saying " there is currently no rep available please leave your name email and phone, and some one will get back to you" something along those line.... Very bad customer support. I feel verry dissapointed because they are holding up my funds and i need to buy more ether

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Sorry to hear you're having issues.  I wish I could be more help, I don't use the site personally.


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