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2 questions about earning with gridcoins & BOINC

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I have 2 questions about earning gridcoins via BOINC

1. I would like to know if I get computer with 8 core processor and if that computer works some 16 hours approx. running max. number of projects/tasks (running only CPU projects) almost every day how much money (converted into $) I can earn per month? And also how much I can earn after some 5 and 10 years?

2. Is it true that if you have computer with processor which works on frequency of 4 GHz or more that it can run 2 times more BOINC tasks then those processors which work on lower frequency? Supposedly that those processors can run 2 BOINC tasks on 1 processor core instead of those processors which work on lower frequency which can run 1 BOINC task on 1 processor core? And if it is true where is exactly that frequency limit?

thanks in advance on your answers

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Hello Sasha and a warm welcome. There are too many variables to answer your question in terms of NET profit. We can work out how many GRC you may mine, however, the market price of Gridcoin can go up and down of course.

16 hours per day per month would give you hardly any GRC or $. It would be better to take the money used for the hardware, electricity costs, depreciation, your time etc into account by writing them all down and then you may decide to just buy Gridcoin from an exchange. At the moment each Gridcoin is worth $ 0.005700 USD or Ƀ 0.00000536 (Bitcoin). 


There are many things to consider. If you are into Maths and spreadsheets you can consider playing about with calculations.


The CPU speeds in terms of GHz are hard to quantify nowadays. Years ago most CPU's were compared by the speed in GHz but things have changed. I suggest you look at a website such as

I am pretty sure there is no sudden change at the 4GHz mark.


If you wish to test and experiment there is the Cloud  Amazon Free Tier. It's all free but low on resources of course (nothing is free).

You can find it here


I would suggest using this first as it is free. The lack of power is annoying, so check this out and think about Azure Cloud. You need a mobile number and a credit card but you get a lot of free power as a trial. See here 

but change the coin from quark to Gridcoin of course!


If you really want your own hardware then AMD Ryzon is the best value for money by far for a small budget


Hope that starts you off on the right path. Just ask for help when you need it back here or on the IRC channel (


Don't forget to think about just buying Gridcoin and waiting. It's a long haul journey for the big bucks. In the meantime, take comfort in helping others with BOINC.

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