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The future of Unobtanium ($UNO) basecoin markets at #Cryptopia Exchange

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So the news today is that Cryptopia is eliminating several of their base coin markets, including Uno.


I've messaged sa_ddam213 & Hex to ask them to consider keeping the Uno markets.  The Uno base-markets at Cryptopia have long been plagued with poor liquidity, and some of us here have been working on a plan to help fix this problem.  


If anyone who trades at Cryptopia would care to, please politely reach out them through their support system and let them know that you would like to see the Uno markets continue there. Tell them the Uno community has a plan to make Uno a more active base market.

Unobtanium - the rare, fair cryptocurrency. Long term hodl. 250k Uno max. Low inflation. In it's 3rd year. This is a coin you want to hold. http://unobtanium.uno
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