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[GRC BOUNTY REWARD] Wallet stuck on investor

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Decided to help my friend setup Gridcoin on his Mac (under OSX). Wallet is not working as it should: - Boinc running fine, magnitude of 70 reached. - Wallet fully unlocked and left open for 1 week . - Wallet still stuck on investor (after 1 week)

Methods attempted: - Manually added CPID to the gridcoinresearch.conf file. - "execute advertisebeacon force" fails since the wallet is still in investor. - "execute resetcpids" returns the correct information so my CPID is definitely being detected yet the beacon is never being advertised. - Wallet has 200GRC that was successfully donated from another address. These are mature. Sending coins also works fine and has been tested on another address.

Extra info: is giving some strange information and seems not to be accumulating GRC even if I have a high magnitude...

How can I fix this??

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being investor means often:


- a problem getting the data from your BOINC (are you running BOINC + Gridcoin on the same machine, and both have the same email?)


A more detailed checklist is available with the command:

  • !investor

(see how you can access fediverse bot here: )

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I honestly have no idea what all this is. I tried to execute the command in the IRC but I can't seem to get it to work as it says command not found. Could you just copy paste the output of the "!investor" command here, I am sure it would be useful to the community to publish this full checklist in a forum.



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<fediverse>When the Gridcoin wallet states you are an investor, these situations may apply:

<fediverse> 1. First, if you've Windows, you might find your specific error with the diagnostics tool. Type here in irc: !diagnostics

<fediverse> 2. The Gridcoin wallet doesn't see your BOINC installation: check with !config if your path is correct

<fediverse> 3. Did you join team Gridcoin in each Boinc project's website?

<fediverse> 4. Your RAC (recent average contributions) in BOINC are less than 100 (that means: you've not such strong hardware)

<fediverse> 5. You are 'new' to Gridcoin (or e.g. switched from !pool to !solo) and have to wait like 2-3 days: you've to wait until the next !superblock (26h-48h) comes with your info. Important: check your beaconstatus (read more with: !beacon)

<fediverse> 6. You actually don't do any BOINC crunching, and want to earn only the !PoS (and no !PoR)

<fediverse> 7. You switched from the !pool to !solo, but: you have still some BOINC projects in your BOINC client which belong to the pool. It may help to remove those, see also: !switch

<fediverse> 8. try in your !debug console: execute resetcpids

<fediverse> 9. After having done some of the steps and still being unlucky: try !restart


Thats the result of typing !investor in IRC ;)

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