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[ANN] TrollPay (TPAY)

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Name: TrollPayCoin             
Ticker: TPAY                         
Algorithm: Scrypt (Pos/PoW)
Block Time: 60 seconds.         
Block Reward:
BLOCK                      1 = 2000000 
BLOCKS        2 & 3       = .1 TPAY
BLOCKS        4 - 10004 = 200 TPAY
BLOCKS 10005 - 20004 = 100 TPAY
BLOCKS 20005 - 40004 = 50 TPAY
BLOCKS 40005 - 50004 = 100 TPAY
BLOCKS 50005 - 70004 = 50 TPAY
BLOCKS 70005 - 80004 = 200 TPAY
BLOCKS 80005 -    TBD = .1 TPAY
PoW Supply: 2 Mil Premine + 8 Mil PoW = 10 mil in 80,004 BLOCKS + UNLIMITED @ .1 per block after block 80004
PoS Supply: 5% APY after a 5 day minimum maturity period (refined block explanation by Fuzzbawls, thank you)
RPCPORT: 11916
P2PPORT : 12916
NODES: (nodes are hardcoded)


32.png64.png lin.png


Source (Github)






Block Explorer:


TrollPay Game Servers:





WTF all big pow blocks gone? Yes, sorry released coin elsewhere on Nov 18, 2016


20% (2m) Premine? Yes there is a 2 Mil premine. Countless TPAY have been given away via a Faucet, Faucet Bonus codes, helpfull posters elsewhere, silent help with networking issues.

                                 And after all that I am still just a solo person creating a site for the internet troll to sit, play games, watch movies etc. 


Ok whatever what is TPAY for? TPAY is for everything that will be TrollPay.com. What I mean by that is that all the PC game servers that will be hosted at TrollPay.com (currently 3 games)

                                                   will have TPAY implemented as a reward/payment option within the games. Moderation of these games will be done through paid support receiving TPAY

                                                   for there in game service. Outside of the games TPAY will be earned by users submitting movies links & many other ways. TPAY was not created to be for

                                                   1 thing and if that did not work I would just create something else. TPAY will be my ONLY coin. TrollPay.com is not for just the Crypto troll but the general 

                                                   internet troll. TBH it's just a cool name. And anyways everyone is a troll in some way.

OK WTF is TrollPay.com? Just visit TrollPay.com and see for yourself. Because my hand is broken and hurts like a biatch. 


Hand is Broken lol :PYa very long story, that and on top of that I got pink eye at the hospital & infected entire house. YAY. There are no sick days or cry for me days in the Crypto

                                     world. If a dev can't work when sick he's not a dev. Everyone has to agree with me on that. If your sick but at home do you not surf the net or play a game?

                                      Yes you do. If your not stuck in a hospital, bed or out tackling a bear then you can always post in a thread or do some updates.


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New windows TrollPlay wallets out. NON MANDITORY

New Graphics (Still lame)
Added extra placement nodes.
Changed TrollPay to TrollPlay
Wallet still uses same data folder as TrollPay (So no need to worry about moving wallet.dat etc)
Wall of trolls Being Built
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