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Newbie Questions about UNO/Unobtanium

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Thousands of cryptocurrencies have been launched since Unobtanium in 2013.  This is a thread for newbies who have never heard of UNO, and wonder why they should give it the time of day.  If you don't see your question here, please ask it.



What is Unobtanium?

Unobtanium is a SHA256 cryptocurrency that was launched in 2013.   It has 3 minute blocks, making it 3x faster than Bitcoin, and changes difficulty every block.


Who Launched Unobtanium?

Blazr2 launched Unobtanium.


Who is the Dev for Unobtanium?

Bryce Weiner,  https://twitter.com/bryceweiner is the lead developer for Unobtanium.  Unobtanium is an open source project, so other developers are welcome to contribute.


Why is called Unobtanium?

Because that's the name Blazr2 gave it.  There was briefly a trend toward "rare" cryptocurrencies in 2013, and Blazr2 though that the name (which signifies a very difficult to obtain element) was suitable.


How 'rare' is Unobtanium?

Pretty damn rare.  There will only ever be 250,000 UNO mined over 300 years. Presently there are about 194,000 UNO.


What is the Inflation rate of UNO?

UNO has very low inflation. It has passed through its inflationary period.  In 2017, inflation will fall below 1%.


Did UNO have a pre-mine?  

No.  There was zero premine.  Shortly after launch, Blazr2 was trying to buy a few UNO for a faucet service he setup.  


Was UNO instamined?

No.  UNO was fairly launched, and the launch was publicly announced. In fact, the first 1000 blocks were mined at low reward to give all miners an opportunity to setup their mining equipment.


How can I get UNO?

UNO is traded as a base-coin at Cryptopia.co.nz.  You can trade 300 different altcoins directly with UNO.   You'll also find UNO at Bittrex, C-cex, Coinexchange.io, Bitexchange.io, and Bleutrade


Why does UNO have such a high hashrate?

In 2015, the UNO community decided to fork UNO to include merge mining (aux pow).  Since then, several large pools have added UNO to their Bitcoin mining operations.  Merge mining makes mining more profitable for miners. 


Where can I get a Unobtanium wallet?

You can find links to various wallet projects at http://unobtanium.uno   There are QT wallets, wallets for Android, multi-coin wallets like Coinomi, a UNO Electrum wallet, online brainwallet, paper wallets, and even JS Wallet that runs in your web browser.


Why is UNO currently in it's 4th year while 1000's of other altcoins are already dead?

UNO has a dedicated core community and a developer who really believe in UNO.  


Other questions about Unobtanium? Please post them below.





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What's UNIC?


A family of coins.  And a growing family with UNO being the foundation.

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I am a newcomer in the UNO world and just got a few UNO coins that I would like to deposit in a PC wallet.


I want to download the wallet for Windows 7, so I checked the file on VirusTotal and the latest results (2017/01/24) show this:


You can see a few abnormal detections including a Trojan. Also, there are some negative user votes indicating that the file is malicious.


Are these detection results falsely positive or could there be a possibility of unrecognized corruption?

I'm just asking, so that I can be assured that everything is clean in those files before proceeding further. If I download them, do I have to make an exception if my antivirus flags a particular file?


Unobtanium surely looks like a great coin, and I'm looking forward to participate in that new experience.

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Hi Cryptobird,

I've been using it for years, and nothing has been stolen yet. It certainly can be disconcerting to see a wallet not pass an AV check.


There are other options, fortunately, than downloading the entire UNO blockchain to your computer.


There are 3 wallets for Android, including a special UNO wallet compiled by Hash Engineering. It's on Google Play. Just search for Unobtanium Wallet.


UNO is also included in the Coinomi multicoin wallet from Google Play (Coinomi is awesome). And then there's Uberpay multicoin wallet. UNO is in there, too.


Cryptapus has a port of Electrum wallet for UNO at https://cryptap.us/uno/electrum for Windows. I use that one, too.


If you don't want to download any software, try  Cryptapus' port of Co-Pay online wallet,  http://hydra-uno.cryptap.us/


There's also JS Wallet for UNO:    https://cryptap.us/uno/jswallet/


Or how about a Brainwallet?  https://cryptap.us/uno/brainwallet/


Or go the super safe route and print your own paper wallet:  https://cryptap.us/uno/paperwallet.html


I hope one of these options will be the right one for you. 

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Thank you for the elaborate answer. I will definitely explore these options, and possibly give a try to the paper wallet.

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Thanks for the question.


I looked into the VirusTotal report flagging a danger in the wallet.  Of the 60 anti-virus companies, 3 have flagged the wallet with a variant of Bitcoin mining viruses.  When the wallet was released, it was clean. And it's really not unusual for cryptocurrency wallets to have false positive flags.  If you remember back in 2013, viruses were being hijacking people's computers and mining bitcoin with them.  That caused a lot of suspicion of any software that contained Bitcoin coin. Since Unobtanium is a Sha256 bitcoin-derived cryptocurrency, I quite astonished actually that the antivirus flags are not much higher.


I'll attempt to have the UNO wallets manually evaluated by the 3 companies that flagged it.  Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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