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Crypto 101: Episode Next: The DASH Difference- What makes it unique, why everyone talks about it & why it's always a top Crypto

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I'm back with another Blue Collar Crypto 101 talk today. DASH 101! - in simple language. (VIDEO by DASH -10 mins)

I am finding out more daily how much of a community DASH really has. They are different. And they are good.

Earlier in the week I had a really well performing blog post that did well on Steemit and the official Social Media accounts of DASH (several of them) - shared/posted retweeted the post too, seeing I was a Crypto Noob really digging in and learning about DASH and then trying to share that info with you guys and the world.

That post is here -- https://steemit.com/blockchain/@barrydutton/til-a-ton-of-crypto-101-info-about-dash-coin-new-blockchain-tech-and-why-everyone-talks-about-amanda-b-johnson-so-highly




Not only was I questioned in my post there about the differences of DASH to other Crypto Currencies but TBH-- I had been wondering for like.... 2-3 months myself why everyone talks about DASH, why it's different and why it always is a top performing Crypto Currency usually in the top 5/10 on the market today behind the grand daddy of them all -- Bitcoin.

So today, I am covering that.

I dug into yet another video on the subject by Crypto and DASH expert -- Amanda B. Johnson. If you have not watched her videos online on any of the channels, you might want to. Like I said in my last post, she is engaging, easy to listen to, funny, very intelligent and yes, people, she is very pretty. I say these things again because as my other blog post noted -

I wondered why you always see Amanda's name so much in Crypto. Those are the reasons why.

When I coined the phrase on Steemit and other SM sites #CryptoCrush -- well, I guess some other people related because I received several messages on it. This whole blockchain life has introduced me to lots of people.

I am a pretty regular guy in most respects and am single and I've realized how hard it is for single people to find Liberty minded, awake and intelligent people and many of us find these qualities attractive in people.

That is one reason it is easy to learn from like-minded people you can relate to and admire. I digress.





DASH SCHOOL is the name of one of the series Amanda is doing and that is where the above video comes from, off one of the official DASH channels. This is video #5 in that series. I picked this one because I wanted to KNOW FOR MYSELF why DASH is different and why and this video addresses that. DASH 101 so to speak.

1/ DASH has Instant Send Confirmations on their Blockchain
  • unlike the other Cryptos on the market Those confirmations come in about 1.3 seconds as I write this with the info in front of me today Friday 6th, 2016
2/ DASH has Private Send Confirmations on their Blockchain.
  • (6.34 mark of video) - which eliminates the "fickleness" of human beings dealing with one another and also deals with and ups the game on the PRIVACY factor. Simply put it swaps the coins among all the users in the blockchain and breaks the "traceability" issues. Neat stuff.
3/ The DASH Masternode setup and terms are different like many things DASH seems to be all about!
  • In brief, I learned this week that to have a Masternode -- you have to prove you are INVESTED (vested, like our Power Ups or Steem Power - here on Steemit) - with 1000 DASH. It means you are a stakeholder and have lots to gain or lose with your witness votes on the blockchain for DASH which makes sense.

The MasterNodes have the 3 basic features here to maintain the Private Send - Instant Send - features along with maintaining the DASH blockchain.

The blockchain witnesses / Masternodes like with other currencies have the collective job of "being in charge when there's nobody in charge" as Amanda explains nicely here.

The updated stats on these DASH masternodes combining the 2 categories they have - total 4781 total nodes. (As of today jan. 6th 2016)

The DASH masternodes allow the system to fund themselves and pay for everything and it covers off the Voting Decisions that need to be made on the network.

Something recently vote-wise was handled on DASH I learned listening to Amanda elsewhere (see my last blog post mentioned here) -- within about 24 hours that was a mission critical matter that could have crippled other blockchains with a drawn out battle.

Things we notice in other blockchains that cause Hard Fork fights and issues and whatnot. DASH handled it quickly and cleanly. That stuck with me also.

DASH is about to break new ground with a new product and release JUST about ready to hit the market which will address and solve the 3 major issues with a crypto currency these days:

##- The wallet address hassles and problems, issues with passwords and the fact paying for things etc with crypto are hard in general and I will cover that soon.

That product is called

DASH Evolution

and sounds like a GAMECHANGER for sure. We will cover that next!

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