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And nearly there as well, please help with upvotes! 



don worry bro i am voting your coin eachtime i visit cryptorush for trading, since the first day i mining vgc last saturday

small help from me, :P


hopefully vgc wil appears in rush tommorow, so i can buy more


dont know how but i trust this coin, and hoping will success in las vegas in real and  pass aurora coin in the cryptoworld. 

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He probably meant that after we hit cryptorush everybody are going to mine vegascoin, one pool is not gonna handle, the only good pool I have seen is  mine big but they charge 1% fee we need more pools that charge less than that, Just saying

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Carmo, I agree! We have a pool at vgc.weminecoin.com but it was very very problematic (the stratum server frooze literally every 3-5 minutes) so we have let that for a while.. Do you have any good suggestion for a good pool software? We're contacting various pool websites out there asking if they want to carry vegascoin. Any pools you would like us to try and contact?

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