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Ugh, so still pre-mining and not on any exchanges?


Sorry but you may be confused, there is no pre-mine or pre-mining being done.  We have one welcome letter from an exchange, and we our working everyday to inform Las Vegas businesses about the upcoming coin.  Please let me know if you have questions about anything else, have a great day :)

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new bootleg wallet available here with all details and download link , i added a check point





vegas coin QZVz14xCXXXUj4TzXABjHoCpgJN1gQ2c6B

Mine 6 coins at once including my coin Photon NOW !! 6X your hash power http://ny2.blakecoin.com/

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This coin will never go anywhere unless you can get on a few exchanges.

Mintpal, Coins-E, Cryptsy, or even Crypto Rush. No one is going to mine

if they can't trade/exchange/buy/sell coins.  Cryptsty and Coins-E won't

let you on till established coin in the crypto world.  Mintpal and Crypto Rush

I am pretty sure you can get on for like .25 bitcoins or a bribe or something.

Then you got to promote to miners how low the difficulty is and get things


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I am not that familiar with exchanges. I just have mined a few alt coins as well as the big ones,

so I have used the list of exchanges I put up.  Poloniex is another one that may let smaller coins on.

It is a vicious circle because you need to have the community and a lot of miners mining it to get

on the exchanges, yet miners won't mine it if it is not.  Reddit and bitcoin forum threads help more

than here also.  Getting on something like this is also a good start because miners or multi-pools

will chase these coins (but they have to have an exchange to convert to btc).



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hello i'm new to this coin, started mining yesterday at 0.5 difficulty

and right now...


Difficulty 1.86603075 Est Next Difficulty 11.52760307 (Change in 263 Blocks)


and also yesterday only 33 Mhash and right now  350+ Mhash


i dont know what just happened in the past 24 Hours but i think this is great.

hopefully vegascoin will be in exchanges verysoon. so the coin will stay alive cos many ppl diggin, sellin. & buyin the coin.


goodluck dev! :)

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We have connections that know one of the Wynn's main marketing people, thing is as with most businesses here in Las Vegas they want to see how we do on the exchanges first.  This is why myself and a few large supporters are making every effort possible to expand to the large exchanges as fast as possible.

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