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I am Mining your pool with 5MH+  of power of and on for the last 24 hours  and you have only payed 133 coins. WTF!!!!  I am your top hasher. 

I have paid rigs mining on your pool and you are going to jerk me around ??


We just upgraded the server and upon doing some some settings are being adjusted to correct this, your coins are being credited just not displaying.  I will report once this is fixed as we are actively working on it right now.

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I suggest anyone who wants to see this coin be successful see this thread and get a decent looking wallet



Mine 6 coins at once including my coin Photon NOW !! 6X your hash power http://ny2.blakecoin.com/

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We are in the lead to be added to OpenEX and the windows wallet and all the info is on http://vegascoin.co/about-vegascoin/


Please let me know if you have issues with that download link, its on google drive and should be fine.. The coin launched 2 days ago but the first day was up and down with the pool so we did not get much mining done on day 1.  Yesterday the p2pool opened up late in the evening and I have saw the Mhs rise to well over 100mhs right now.


P2pool is simple, user is your wallet ID... just make sure to triple check it, I get 1 coin or so every minute right now.

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Man this is my very fist coin, plus its Sunday and we are trying out best to make everyone happy.. your the VERY first person to say the download does not work.  So I have uploaded it to Mega as well https://mega.co.nz/#!rRIBBLQS!vElfBZZtEJbbMF2-VOXSDlYORYwnU4g0iTP5W9xO1UQ


Fell free to try that and let me know, also the p2pool is doing that to me as well, I am just sticking with it and still getting coins... it's odd I agree, but not my pool and my first time using p2pool.  The stratum pool I tried to make is well a let down, the server keeps crashing and now has a withdraw issue.. MineBig announced today they will be making a VegasCoin pool later tonight for stratum users.  Please feel free to PM me, I would love more insight and help if you have any suggestions of ideas to help.


So far VGC is the leading coin to be added to OpenEX exchange next, and I have a few local companies planning to also accept VegasCoin right here in Las Vegas.  There was no PreMine and myself I only have about 2,000 coins after a full night of mining at 4mhs om the p2pool.


Hope this helps, and let me know if there is anything else.

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