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New to gridcoin

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Hello guys,


Just a quick question from a newbie. I have installed everything since a week or so. I do have some coins 14.something. I have as per my log the beacon has successfully been sent. Although according to my transaction I can't find the transaction.  


execute advertisebeacon force


"Command" : "advertisebeacon"
"Result" : "SUCCESS",
"CPID" : "",
"Message" : "",
"Public Key" : "",
"Warning!" : "Your public and private research keys have been stored in gridcoinresearch.conf. Do not lose your private key (It is non-recoverable). It is recommended that you back up your gridcoinresearch.conf file on a regular basis."


My project status is still investor. And i havent received any coins through mining yet. But I think my machine is doing some work. I can tell from the screensaver and the statistics at BOINC Manager. Can somebody guide me a bit through about what I'm doing wrong?


If you need further info to guide me please let me know! All help is much appreciated!!!



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There is no CPID in that line so may not worked.


Investor means that wallet can´t find boinc or cpid. There are several steps to make this work and first would be to check if e-mail is in gridcoinresearch.conf. Put in %APPDATA%\Gridcoinresearch and open file with notepad, should be a line for e-mail there.


Then check if path to boinc are there in that file, would look like this:

boincappdir=C:\\Program Files\\BOINC\\
(As you have manage to send beacon it should have a line for privatekey and publickey, if so save those.)
Restart wallet is required to after any change in file
If it does show up after few minutes check if you joined team and your account do not have more then one CPID.
If wallet manage to create a beacon it should be able to connect to it.

Feel free to join Gridcoin Community Discord we have an irc-bridge, price-bot, and some more also a BOINC community Discord up for test with a channel for each project.

Contact me if you have any suggestions or problems to this.

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