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Hello everyone,

I want to introduce the rewrite of a popular Multi Faucet Bot. It is free to use, you can use it on Windows or Linux (with mono), so put it on a VPS and let it run! It is easy to use (A full tutorial is in the download)!


Download: http://adfoc.us/36207161288660

Mirror: http://adfoc.us/36207161288651

VS: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/b6f21817f4bc2b563f702624e7fec32828b0203a097e30ab66d01ffc13da1350/analysis/1483373230/



  • Auto Claim
  • Captcha Solver using 2captcha.com
  • Auto Withdraw
  • 6 Popular Faucet Sites
  • Windows or Linux


  • epay support

Known Issues:

  • Crash after a few hours -> Workaround auto start file (Batch/ Shell Script)




Note: This Program can only be free because i use adfocus for the download!

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